How to Switch Weapons in Evil Dead: The Game

Tanim Hasan
By Tanim Hasan
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Credit: Saber Interactive

Evil Dead: The Game features melee and range both kinds of weapons. But the weapon swapping is not traditional in this game. Here is how you can switch weapons in Evil Dead: The Game.

Evil Dead: The Game features a range of characters from different Evil Dead franchises over the years. Not only that, but you can also play different kinds of demons. Both demons and survivors feature various types of gameplay and tool in their arsenal.

Evil Dead: The Game’s combat system is mainly focused on melee combat. But it features ranged combat as well. In addition, there are a few characters who can use ranged weapons as their primary damage source. So, just because the game is focused more on the melee side of things doesn’t mean the ranged combat is terrible.

With that in mind, we may want to use range combat to play the game. But the buttons and weapon switch are unlike any traditional games. So, here is a guide to help you effectively switch between your melee and ranged weapon.

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Switch Weapon in Evil Dead: The Game

Evil Dead: The Game does not have the traditional weapon switch method. You will always carry the melee weapon by default. To switch to the ranged weapon, you must press and hold the aim button. Aiming will switch the weapon from melee to ranged. The commands will be different whether you are on a console or PC.

Switching Weapon on Console

As we have said before, you need to hold the aim button to switch to your ranged weapon. For console, the default aim button is L2 or LT. Pressing L2/LT will switch the weapon from melee to range, and an aiming crosshair will appear.

While aiming, press R2 or RT to shoot at the desired point with your range weapon. You can cancel your aim when you are done shooting, and the character will automatically switch to the melee weapon.

Ash with weapon in Evil Dead The Game
Credit: Saber Interactive

Switching Weapon on PC

The core switching mechanic is the same as the consoles. So, you need to aim to switch your ranged weapon. The buttons to do that, however, are different on the PC.

You need to press and hold the Right Mouse Button to aim your weapon. This is universal across all the games on PC. So, aiming is the same as any other game on the PC. To shoot the enemies, press the Left Mouse Button.

One thing that is different from the consoles is the heavy attack button. On console, you can press the R2/RT to do a heavy attack while not aiming. For PC, heavy attacks are on a whole different button. The Scroll Button/Middle Mouse Button functions as a heavy attack on PC.

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