How to Slide in Palworld

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Here is how to slide in Palworld.

Palworld‘s open world allows the players to explore the vast map and catch several types of Pals. Along with this amazing collection of Pals around the map, the game also features some interesting game mechanics for the players to experience. Some of these mechanics are vital to learning to win in most combats, whether against pals or any humans in Palworld.

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Sliding is one such movement mechanic that can be beneficial for the players to cover a large amount of ground quickly, and also for several other reasons. However, this mechanic is not taught in the game’s tutorial; thus, many players might be unaware of it. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with this guide that will teach you how to slide in Palworld.

How to Slide in Palworld

sliding palworld

Sliding is your go-to move for covering ground, especially in hilly terrain. To slide in Palworld, press and hold Shift/LS and then, while holding that sprint button, hold C for PC and B for Xbox to slide.

After a brief slide, your character springs back to the ground. But when sliding down a hill, it’s an endless ride until the bottom. You can even slide off a mountain to glide farther, zooming through the air and covering more ground. To pull off this trick, reach the hilltop, then slide down and pop open your glider mid-slide. Moov like jagger.

Other than that, you can also use the sliding technique while fighting against wild pals or syndicate thugs. Sliding and dodging are two important mechanics that can take your combat skill to the next level and help you easily win most of the fights.

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