How to Play Multiplayer in Enshrouded

Abir Hasan
By Abir Hasan
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Credit: Keen games

Play with your friends and triumph your character to glory!

Enshrouded is your new action RPG survival that has turned out to be this year’s second Indie hit after Palworld. Originally developed as a multiplayer, the game was released with a solo play feature, too. But what makes the RPG so fun to play is because of its CO-OP modes. You get to do everything from building bases to taking down Shroud enemies with your friends.

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Multiplayer in Enshrouded is pretty straightforward; one look at it, and you will understand the whole process. Moreover, it’s no different from your solo play experience. You will team up with your friends, complete objectives, and earn XPs altogether. Also, you have options to create your very own world just with your friends in it. Rest easy; we will help you set up your first Co-op campaign with your friends. Now dive into our guide to find out how to play Multiplayer in Enshrouded.

How to play Multiplayer in Enshrouded

How to play Multiplayer in Enshrouded
Credit: Keen games

You can play with a maximum of 16 players in a co-op campaign in Enshrouded. Now, there are essentially three ways of playing a Multiplayer game in Enshrouded. Which are,

  • Joining a Local Server with your friends or other online players,
  • Hosting a local server,
  • Creating/renting a dedicated server just for your friends. 
How to play Multiplayer in Enshrouded
Credit: Keen games

Right after you load into the game, you will notice three modes: one for solo play and the other two for Multiplayer play(PrivateHost, and Join). If you wish to play with your friends on a local server, then all you need is the World name and the password to it(if the server is password-protected). Search for the server by providing the name, then enter the password to join. 

You can also host a Local server and play with your friends. Now, there are limitations to both ways- Players can only play in the world when the host is online. To avoid that, you can create a dedicated server on Enshrouded, which will allow the players to play whenever they want. You can create a server by downloading the Enshrouded Dedicated Server Tools from your Steam library.

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