How To Make A Lantern In Minecraft

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Credit: Mojang Studios

You can use a lantern to light up your surrounding area. Here is how you can make a lantern easily in Minecraft.

Crafting is an important technique in Minecraft, which makes the game more unique and lets players create beautiful things in the game. Players can let their imaginations run wild in Minecraft, from building beautiful architectural structures to creating different items in the game. You can also create light with some items that can illuminate a small area and be used as decoration blocks.

Lanterns are a great light source in Minecraft, and you can create different types of lanterns to decorate your building or other structures. A lantern has one of the highest light levels in Minecraft, which gives off a light level of 15.

You can find lanterns in Bastion Remnants in the Nether, or snowy Tundra villages in the Overworld. But you can easily make a lantern with a couple of items in Minecraft without much.

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Here is a small guide on how you can make lanterns in Minecraft.

Creating a Lantern in Minecraft

Making a lantern is simple; you only need iron and a torch. First, you must make a torch, which you can craft using sticks and coal. Place a coal and a stick together on the crafting table to create torches. You can craft four regular torches in Minecraft with one coal and a stick.

Making Torches | Credit: Mojang Studios
Making Torches | Credit: Mojang Studios

Next, you need iron nuggets, which you can find by mining iron ores or getting them from different shipwrecks in the game. You need eight iron nuggets to craft a lantern. Mine an iron ore from a mineshaft or a cave and smelt the ore to get an iron ingot. Place the iron ingot on the crafting table, and it will break down the ingot into nine iron nuggets.

Iron Nuggets | Credit: Mojang Studios
Iron Nuggets | Credit: Mojang Studios

Use the crafting table, and place a torch in the middle grid. Surround the torch with eight iron nuggets, and it will create a lantern. After crafting the lantern, you can use the lantern as a light source at your base.

Crafting a Lantern | Credit: Mojang
Crafting a Lantern | Credit: Mojang

You can place a lantern on almost every single block in Minecraft. Lanterns can be placed on the side of a block or the ground. Moreover, you can also hang lanterns on the ceiling if there is a block on the ceiling. Right-click on the block where you want to place the lantern, which will occupy the block and light up the surrounding area.

Hanging a lantern | Credit: Mojang Studios
Hanging a lantern | Credit: Mojang Studios

That is how you can create lanterns and decorate your structures in Minecraft.

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