How to Level Up Your Infamy and Ship FAST in Skull and Bones

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By Abu Taher Tamim
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Looking for ways to level up fast in Skull and Bones? If yes, let’s learn about how to level up Infamy ranks and ships in the game.

You’ve just set sail in Skull and Bones, ready to make your mark on the dangerous seas of the Indian Ocean. But your single sloop and rusty cutlass can only get you so far. To really thrive as a pirate, you need to increase your Infamy rank and upgrade your ship. In this guide, I’ll tell you everything you need to know to level up fast in Skull and Bones.

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Before I get into the guide, you need to know about Infamy Ranks in Skull and Bones. Infamy Ranks represent the leveling system, your reputation, and notoriety as a pirate. Advancing through the Infamy ranks unlocks new contracts, blueprints, and social opportunities. Here are the 10 main ranks:

  • Outcast (Starting Rank)
  • Scoundrel (Points: 725)
  • Rover (Points: 2,205)
  • Freebooter (Points: 4,055)
  • Buccaneer (Points: 6,555)
  • Brigand (Points: 9,930)
  • Marauder (Points: 15,305)
  • Corsair (Points: 21,305)
  • Cutthroat (Points: 27,905)
  • Kingpin (Points: 39,030)

After you reach each rank, you’ll encounter the tier system. For example, if you reach Kingpin, you’ll see Kingpin I, Kingpin II, Kingpin III, and so on.

Infamy Tiers in Skull and Bones
Credit: Ubisoft via GameRiv

How to Earn Infamy Points (How to Level Up)

Nearly everything you do in the seas of Skull and Bones grants Infamy points. Here are some of the best ways to quickly gain Infamy:

1. Contracts — Completing Missions for Big Infamy Rewards

As a pirate, you’ll have opportunities to take on contracts from various NPCs across ports and settlements. These missions can include retrieving cargo, map pieces, or other items, sinking target ships, assassinating marks, and much more.

Successfully finishing a contract provides one of the largest Infamy boosts available. The more difficult the contract, the greater the reward. You’ll want to regularly check for new contracts being offered.

However, be cautious about taking on contracts that seem too far above your current skills. If you fail a contract, you’ll actually lose Infamy. Check the recommended Infamy level using your spyglass before accepting, and make sure your ship and crew are up to the task.

2. Plundering — Raid Ports and Forts for Dangerous Infamy Gains

Although there is no land combat in Skull and Bones, you can still dock at ports and coastal forts to pillage and plunder their riches. But this is also highly risky.

Before attempting to plunder a target, scout it out thoroughly with your spyglass. The difficulty rating given will tell you the recommended Infamy level. If your Infamy and ship stats are too low, your plunder could fail disastrously.

But with proper preparation, successfully raiding and plundering these land targets can provide hefty Infamy bumps and valuable loot. Just be ready for heavy resistance from shore defenses and patrolling ships. You need to bring a well-armed warship and skilled crew.

3. Combat — Outmatch Fellow Sailors in Ship Battles

Naturally, combat is a big part of the pirate’s life. Seeking out merchant ships and engaging in thrilling battles with them is a reliable way to continually gain Infamy points. The bigger and better-armed the ship, the more Infamy you’ll earn for emerging victorious.

Just be cautious about picking battles with ships at a much higher Infamy level than your own. Use your spyglass to inspect targets and get their difficulty rating before attacking. You don’t want to bite off more than you can chew.

And don’t forget to repair damages after combat! Keeping your ship in peak fighting condition ensures you’ll live to spend all that hard-earned Infamy.

4. Exploration — Uncover Secrets for Small Infamy Gains

As you sail the vast open seas of Skull and Bones, taking time to explore and uncover hidden locations thoroughly will provide small but steady Infamy income. Seek out mysterious islands, stray chests, and strange artifacts during your travels.

Follow the winds to sail into uncharted territories. Search for clues and follow treasure maps to find pirate hideouts and lost ruins. You’ll steadily accumulate Infamy from these discoveries.

While not huge gains, exploration requires less direct danger than contracts or combat. And it provides valuable resources and loot. Those small Infamy bumps will add up over time to help inch you toward the next rank.

How to Earn Infamy Points (How to Level Up) in Skull and Bones
Credit: Ubisoft via GameRiv

A Step-by-Step Guide to Fast Ship Leveling

Follow these steps to level up your ship faster in Skull and Bones:

Step 1: Acquire Advanced Schematics at Every Port

The first step is getting your hands on advanced ship part schematics. Whenever you visit a new port or settlement, be sure to check the local shipwright. Buy any schematics you can afford that will improve your weapons, armor, engines, or aesthetics.

Step 2: Craft New Ship Parts at the Shipyard

With schematics in hand, now it’s time to start producing upgrades for your ship. Visit the shipyard at Saint-Anne or another major port. Select the “Crafting” option and browse the schematics you’ve collected.

Step 3: Install Upgraded Parts in the “Manage Ship” Menu

Head to the “Manage Ship” section in port. Here you can view your vessel and equip any new parts you’ve crafted. Weapon and furniture slots are limited by ship size, so upgrade to larger ships as needed.

Step 4: Repeat as Needed to Maximize Ship Level

That covers the basics for one cycle of upgrading your ship. But you’ll need to repeat steps 1-3 continually as you gain access to new ports and settlements. Acquire higher-tier schematics, craft better parts, and equip them to steadily elevate your ship to legendary status.

Final Thoughts

As your Infamy rank increases, new contracts and more rewarding opportunities unlock. With a sufficiently upgraded ship, you can take on greater challenges without the risk of failure. This in turn accelerates your Infamy gains even further.

Keep this cycle going — taking on new challenges, earning more Infamy, upgrading your ship, and repeating. Before long you’ll go from just another pirate to a true legend feared by all who sail the seas.

How to Level Up — FAQs

  • How do I know what challenges I can handle?
    • Use your spyglass to inspect other ships and ports. Their Infamy level tells you the recommended level for attack or plunder.
  • What’s the maximum Infamy rank?
    • Kingpin is the highest base Infamy rank. After that, your prestige ranks continue increasing, like Kingpin I, Kingpin II, and so on.
  • Should I specialize my ship upgrades?
    • A balanced build is best until late game. But once you’ve unlocked all upgrades, specialized ships can be very powerful.
  • How many crew do I need on higher Infamy ranks?
    • Bigger ships require more crew. Recruit additional crew members as needed when purchasing new vessels.
  • What happens if I fail a contract?
    • Failed contracts deduct Infamy, wasting your time and efforts. To avoid this, only accept contracts well-matched to your current Infamy and ship level.
  • Does Infamy ever reset?
    • No, your Infamy will never decrease except through failed missions.

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