How To Get The Hidden Ones Sword: Assassin’s Creed Mirage (AC Mirage)

Ashia Bente Rabbani
By Ashia Bente Rabbani
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Credit: Ubisoft Bordeaux

The Hidden Ones Sword shows Basim’s legacy as an Assassin in AC Mirage. We will show you how to get this sword.

Experience the stealthy combats against the villainous order of the ancients in AC Mirage and bring peace to the table. Explore Baghdad’s alleys and city blocks to blend in with the civilians to complete your task as a deadly assassin—sprint through different districts for collectibles and loot items. Moreover, use indistinctive weapons and daggers for short combos while completing quests in AC Mirage.

Regarding weapons, Assassin’s Creed Mirage has brought ten Swords and ten Daggers in this latest adventure game. Out of all the Swords, the Hidden One’s Sword is one of the best Weapons in the history of Assassin’s Creed. It takes up the name of the Brotherhood, who were once called the Hidden Ones. And Basim’s journey as an Assassin started when he joined the Hidden Ones.

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How To Get The Hidden Ones Sword

The Hidden Ones Sword is a potent weapon with a Damage Level of 35 and a Defensive Damage Level of 60. It can strike the rival with a poisonous attack with swift movement.

Moreover, as you roam around Baghdad, some angry guards and even Shakiriyya will try to attack you and follow your current course; thus, you have to carry this special weapon to damage the hostile enemies and survive.

To get The Hidden Sword, you have to;

Buy the Map

AC Mirage: How To Get The Hidden Ones Sword
credit: axrora (youtube)

The Hidden Sword is available after the AC Mirage’s Prologue ends. You need to go through the Desert dunes before setting foot in Baghdad. The journey is long, and you might get lost in the vast Desert; purchase maps from Cartographers and follow the mapped path to get to the Hidden Sword.

Visit the Abandoned Caravanserai

AC Mirage: How To Get The Hidden Ones Sword
credit: axrora (youtube)

Get up on your Camel and start your journey to the West region of Abandoned Caravanserai. After reaching the place, be prepared to do some short combos. Use Daggers for low-armoured guards and Swords for the heavily armoured guards protecting the Gear Chest.

Open the Gear Chest

AC Mirage: How To Get The Hidden Ones Sword
credit: axrora (youtube)

After killing all of the enemies, run faster to the locked door. Throw explosives to open the Door with the Gold Gear Chest. After that, open it up to finally earn The Hidden Sword.

Remember, you should upgrade the Hidden Sword from time to time to unleash lethal attacks on your opponents.

In this way, you can finally get the Hidden Sword in AC Mirage.

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