How to Get Ray Gun in Modern Warfare 3 Zombies

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The iconic mode returns with fan-favorite weapons. Here’s how you can get the Ray Gun in MW3 Zombies.

Sledgehammer Games has released the next iteration of Call of Duty. Modern Warfare 3 has received criticism about its re-hashed campaign, which is the lifeblood of a MW game. The Zombies mode differs from previous titles, opting for a DMZ-based gameplay style.

While the old days are long gone, there are remnants of the classic times. The Ray Gun in MW3 Zombies is still available, and you can also unlock it. In this guide, we will go over how you can unlock the Ray Gun schematic.

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How to get the Ray Gun in MW3 Zombies?

In the game, you can find both weapon cases and schematics for the Ray Gun. In the case of weapon cases, it may be a random drop from a Reward Rift from completing objectives. However, you will not be able to exfil with that weapon. So, it will be lost after your current session ends.

You can permanently unlock the Ray Gun in Zombies through the in-game schematic drops. It is one of the highest rarity drops in the game and requires you to complete multiple contracts in the high-threat zone or Tier 3 zone in-game. In the Reward Rift at the end, you have a slight chance of getting the Ray Gun.

While the objective is quite simple, you will need high-tier loot to survive in the high-threat zones. Be sure to upgrade your gear before you hunt for the elusive Ray Gun. Once unlocked, you can spawn with the Ray Gun immediately, but there is a 48-hour cooldown to the schematic.

Easy Guide to Unlocking the Ray Gun

Now that we know the Ray Gun is unlockable, we will be talking you through a simple guide made by MrDalekJD on how to unlock the Ray Gun. While the only requirement is to complete objectives in the game’s Tier 3 zone, there are a few steps you can follow to make the job easier.

Keep in mind that the drop is still not guaranteed, and you might be unlucky even if you complete all of the contracts.

  • Before entering the Tier 3 zone, make sure you have most of the essential perks like Juggernog, Speed Cola, and Stamina Up.
  • Make sure to upgrade a legendary tiered weapon to the 3rd level of Pack-a-Punch. Zombies in the final tier are very hard to deal with, and you will need a lot of damage output.
  • Complete the missions in the first two tiers to farm up some points as you will be on a timer to exfil after you deploy into the map.
  • It is also recommended to discard your secondary weapon and use your fists to disengage from fights and reposition during your grind in the final tier.

Once you are ready to face the onslaught, grind your way through the contracts and hope to the RNG gods that you get the schematic drop. Once you receive it, exfil immediately; otherwise, you might lose your hard work!

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