How to Get Parasol Umbrella in Roblox Blade Ball

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The ultimate umbrella is now a few steps away.

Have you ever thought about what a dodgeball would feel like but with weapons? Then, get ready to run around a battlefield and destroy your opponents with your blades by deflecting the ball. Not only that, but players can also gather abilities and weapons to defeat their enemies in one go.

Apart from that, Blade Ball offers a range of skins and weapons you can obtain by grinding in the game. What’s new is that the game developers often drop new updates apart from the skins to keep the game more engaging. One of the new things that dropped in the latest update was the Parasol Umbrella, and if you are wondering how to get into Blade Ball, check out the complete guide below.

What is the Parasol Umbrella?

Parasol Umbrella is among the first skins to be released for players with VIP Plus membership. It is one of the most unique weapons in the game, with unique animations shown as you slash with it. Apart from its design, Parasol Umbrella can also be defined as one of the rarest skins in the game, as it is only obtained by the players who started playing it when it was pretty new.

Parasol Umbrella in Roblox Blade Ball
Credits – Roblox

How to Get Parasol Umbrella in Blade Ball?

Sadly, you cannot get Parasol Umbrella in Blade Ball because Blade Ball developers have taken down the option of buying a VIP Plus Membership. The weapon is only available for players with that membership currently active.

So, in a nutshell, players with the VIP Plus Membership will have access to this weapon; apart from that, no one else can buy it for now. However, we expect the developers to open the option to unlock the VIP Plus Membership soon so other players can get a piece of this umbrella of destruction.

How to Get Codes in Blade Ball

Apart from using memberships to get skins, players can also get them using some codes in Blade Ball. Codes are like free rewards, which the developers released to make the game more engaging. Now, if you are wondering where you might find the article, just check out our guide on All Blade Ball Codes.

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