How to Get Octopus Head Helmet in Elden Ring?

Tanim Hasan
By Tanim Hasan
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Credit: FromSoftware

If you ever looked at a land octopus and thought you wanted to be that, now you can! You can get the land octopus as a helmet to complete your fashion soul look. Here is how to get it.

Elden Ring needs no introduction as it took the gaming world by storm. It is the latest masterpiece crafted by FromSoftware. The variety of enemy, the open world, and the lack of handholding all comes together to create a unique experience for the players.

Continuing the FromSoftware tradition of the souls-brone game, Elden Ring embraces the system of drops that were in the previous dark souls’ titles. Here you can get almost all the armor and weapon you can see.

Most of the armor may not be that great in a practical sense. But they are a key feature in making the world feel rich and vast. Then, Of course, there is the fashion soul community. In short, if you can see it, you can probably get it as an item.

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What is the Octopus Head Helmet in Elden Ring?

One of the gimmicky enemies in this game is the land octopus. They take reduced damage everywhere except the head. You can find two variants of the land octopus in Elden Ring: the bigger and harder to kill ones and the smaller ones.

The octopus head is one of the lower-tier and mid-weight armors in Elden Ring. This is essentially the smaller Octopus that you can wear as armor. It serves more as an aesthetic item than armor, making it a good choice if you want to expand your fashion soul’s arsenal.

Elden ring octopus helmet
Credit: FromSoftware

How to Get Octopus Head Helmet?

The smaller land Octopus are the ones that drop the octopus head helmet. There is a percentage chance of this item dropping each time you kill one small land octopus. So, you will need to grind and kill a few of them before you get one. Here are two good locations to farm them.

Location 1

You can find the first location in the Stromhill section of Limgrave. Go to the “Warmaster’s Shack” site of grace. Then keep going east until you reach a puddle of water. You can find several smaller land octopuses roaming around in that water.

elden ring limgrave stromhill location
Credit: FromSoftware

Location 2

For this location, first, go to the “Isolated Merchant’s Shack” grace in the Weeping Peninsula section. From there, keep heading north on the beach. You will find some big and some small land octopuses on that beach.

Kill the smaller ones as they are the only ones that have the chance to drop the helmet. Then head back to the grace or the first location and repeat the process.

elden ring weeping peninsula location
Credit: FromSoftware

The chance of the octopus helmet drop is not very high. But as long as you keep this up, you should be able to get it within no time.

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