How to get ‘light’s end’ hidden Summoner icon from Galaxies hidden mission

Galaxies event is currently going on in League of Legends. With this event, you have a chance to get the Dark Star Malphite Prestige Edition skins and other Galaxies event stuff. But there is also a hidden mission in the Galaxies event that is not mentioned in the client or mission list.

That hidden mission is called ‘light’s end’. And after successfully completing this hidden mission will get you a ‘light’s end’ hidden Summoner icon.

How to get the ‘light’s end’ hidden Summoner icon

Step 1: Play 5 games as Lux (since March 3rd).

Step 2: After those 5 games are completed play a game as Lux and perform well.

For the first 5 games, it does not matter how you play, you can play as Lux in any mode which includes bot games as well. When you successfully play 5 games as Lux, you will see a teaser message according to a Redditor got-snow.

When you see this message you will have to play another game which is game no 6, where you will have to play a game with Lux and perform well. You have to focus on Farming as well as kills. It becomes very easy if you play with Intro bots. And after successfully completing all 6 games you will receive the hidden icon.

A Korean Rioter has also confirmed the hidden mission and said that the hidden mission ‘light’s end’ is going to end on April 14th, 15:59 pm (KST).


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