How to Get Free Apex Legends Holiday Twitch Drops: Skins, Loading Screen, Charms, & More

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Respawn is giving away free goodies to its Apex Legends Twitch viewers for 5 straight days. Here’s how to get them.

Although most Apex Legends skins and cosmetic items are paid, Respawn occasionally gives away free rewards to its player base. And now, during the christmas holidays, Respawn and Twitch have come together with more free skins and rewards for Apex Legends fans.

From December 26 to December 30, 2022, Apex Legends will give away 15 unique rewards to its Twitch viewers. Many of these items are returning cosmetics. However, you may not have them all. So, grab them anyway before the time runs out.

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All Apex Legends Holiday Twitch Rewards

As mentioned earlier, there’ll be 15 items given to Apex Legends Twitch viewers from December 26 to December 30. These 15 free rewards will include 5 Loading Screens, 3 Legend skins, 2 Weapon skins, 3 Weapon Charms, and 2 Holo Sprays.

How to Unlock Apex Legends Holiday Rewards

To get free Apex Legends Holiday rewards, you must watch Apex Legends on Twitch. It can be any of your favorite Apex Legends streamers. But make sure that you are watching a stream under the Apex Legends category.

The more you watch, the more rewards you’ll get. You can watch 1-hour Apex Legends every day to get all 5 loading screens. To get every Gun Charm and Holo Sprays, you have to watch 2 hours of Apex Legends each day for 5 days.

And, if you want the exclusive skins, you have to watch Apex Legends for 3 hours throughout December 26 to 30. However, you don’t need to watch the streams every day. Just look at the list of rewards and see if you want something particular. After that, you can watch the stream accordingly and get specific rewards.

Mark your calendar for the following Twitch Drop dates:

December 26th: 

  • Watch 1 Hour to get: Noxlotl Loading Screen
  • Watch 2 Hours to get: “Iced Out” Gun Charm
  • Watch 3 Hours to get: “Aura of Vengeance” Revenant Character Skin

December 27th: 

  • Watch 1 Hour to get: Kazama Loading Screen 
  • Watch 2 Hours to get: “Winners Are Grinners” Holospray
  • Watch 3 Hours to get: “Cult Classic” Devotion Weapon Skin

December 28th: 

  • Watch 1 Hour to get: Zonotaida Loading Screen 
  • Watch 2 Hours to get: “Giggle Guard” Gun Charm 
  • Watch 3 Hour to get: “Ocean’s Spear” Bangalore Character Skin

December 29th: 

  • Watch 1 Hour to get: Heiro Loading Screen 
  • Watch 2 Hours to get: “I Am Beautiful” Holospray 
  • Watch 3 Hours to get: “Tribal Glyph” RE-45 Weapon Skin

December 30th: 

  • Watch 1 Hour to get: Iwamoto Loading Screen 
  • Watch 2 Hours to get: “Packaged” Gun Charm 
  • Watch 3 Hours to get: “Singularity” Bloodhound Character Skin

Before watching the stream, make sure your Apex Legends account is linked to your Twitch account.

Linking Apex Legends with Twitch Account

Linking your Apex Legends account with your Twitch is pretty easy. If you’ve already done it before, you won’t have to do it again. However, if you didn’t, follow the step-by-step guide to link them:

  1. Ensure your Gamertag, Nintendo Switch, or PSN ID is linked to your EA account
  2. Create or log in to the Twitch account that you’re going to watch streams on
  3. Head over to the Connect with Twitch page and enter your EA account info
  4. You’re now connected and ready to earn rewards!
  5. Watch any Apex Legends stream for three hours each day to earn all the rewards.

After completing your watch sessions, keep an eye on your Twitch notifications to accept the rewards and add them to your Apex Legends account.

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