How to Get Dual Fire Katana in Roblox Blade Ball

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Make the fire in your heart burn with Dual Fire Katana in Blade Ball.

Have you ever wondered what Dodge Ball would be like if Warriors played it? Well, then jump in Blade Ball in Roblox, where you can look like a samurai and deflect the ball back to your enemies. Apart from looking like a samurai, you can also try on different cosmetics and a wide range of maps and weapons.

In fact, with yet another update, the developers have added new rare weapons for players to obtain. Among these new weapons, the Dual Fire Katana blade is something you can obtain for free, but it could be a little tricky. However, to simplify that trickiness, you can check out the complete guide below to understand how to obtain it.

What is the Dual Fire Katana?

With the new Christmas update for Blade Ball, the developers have introduced yet another spin wheel where you can land on a bunch of rewards. The rarest thing you can land on between these rewards is the Dual Fire Katana. This weapon lets you feel like a fire-breather with a blend of samurai in it to take down all your opponents and make it to the top of the leaderboard.

How to get Dual Fire Katana in Blade Ball
Credits – Roblox

How To Get the Dual Fire Katana in Blade Ball?

Since this weapon is free, all players must do is go to the spawn and look for the Dragon wheel. Even though you can access the Dragon Wheel for free, you must get many Dragon Spins to get the Dual Fire Katana. So keep spinning and hope for the best, as the chances of players landing on this weapon are the lowest among all other rewards in the wheel.

Now the question drops: how do you get these Dragon spins? The game automatically gives you a free spin every hour after your login. The game also rewards you with additional free spins if you stay logged in for some time. These times are as follows:

  • 3+ hours – x2 Dragon Spins
  • 8+ hours – x4 Dragon Spins
  • 15+ hours – x7 Dragon Spins
  • 20+ hours – x10 Dragon Spins

Dragon Spin Rewards List in Blade Ball

Although the best reward in the Spin wheel is the Dual Fire Katana, you can also obtain a good list of rewards. These rewards are as follows :

  • Fire Katana
  • 200 coins
  • 15 mins Rapture
  • 15 mins Dribble
  • Ballin’ Emote
  • 15 mins Titan Blade
  • 15 minutes Quantum Arena
  • 15 mins Infinity
  • Premium Sword Crate
  • x2 Coins – 15 mins
  • x1 Wheel Spin
  • x2 Coins – 30 mins
  • Dual Fire Katana

How to Get More Spins

Make sure you make the best of all the spins you get and obtain the Katana before it expires. However, if you still come short of spins, you can always switch to redeeming codes and use them to get more spins. If you are wondering where you might find these codes, then check out our article on All Blade Ball Codes.

Apart from these codes, if you are wondering what other games have codes like these, check out Anime Blade UniverseNaruto But Every Second +1 ChakraFirst 3 Player Tycoon, Faction Defense Tycoon, Climb 1,000 Stairs, and our Roblox section to know more.

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