How to Get Bones in Palworld

Abir Hasan
By Abir Hasan
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Credit: Pocket Pair

Stack up bones in no time!

If you have just started Palword, then it must be fun roaming around, catching pals, and building a base from scratch. But once you go past the early phase, the game starts to get more challenging. It isn’t as easy to craft items and structures anymore as it takes more materials, some of which are also hard to find. One such valuable resource you need, once you hit the higher levels, is bones.

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Where to Get Bones in Palworld

Bones are rare resources that you need in fair amounts once you go deep into the game. You can get your hand on Palworld bones in two ways, and we will walk you through them. 

Pal Drops

How to Get Bones in Palworld
Credit: Pocket Pair

A number of Pal do drop Bones in Palworld, which you will also find by the time you start needing the resource. Below are the Pals you will get bones from organized according to their level number.

  • Vixy 
  • Rushoar 
  • Cawgnito
  • Loupmoon
  • Gorirat 
  • Maraith 
  • Vanwyrm / Vanwyrm Cryst 
  • Bushi 
  • Verdash 
  • Anubis 

The first Pal you will stumble upon will be the Vixys. They are pretty easy to kill or catch. Keep in mind that killing pals will drop more Bones than catching them.

Wandering Merchant

How to Get Bones in Palworld
Credit: Pocket Pair

The Wandering merchant spawns randomly throughout the map. So keep roaming around, and you will stumble upon his hut. You can get Bones from him for 100 Golds each.

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