How to Fix Vanguard Patching Issue in VALORANT

Tahmid Shihab Murshed
By Tahmid Shihab Murshed
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Are you facing difficulties during patching Vanguard in VALORANT? Then look no further as we show you how to fix it.

VALORANT is a 5v5 strategic FPS title developed by Riot Games. Being an esports-ready game with a full-fledged ranked mode, VALORANT incorporates one of the best anti-cheats in the gaming industry.

Vanguard anti-cheat is Riot’s kernel-level countermeasure to stop cheats. Vanguard faces issues as a complex anti-cheat system when the game gets an update. However, the problems during patching are easily fixable.

Let’s look at the possible fixes for Vanguard’s patching issue.

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How to Fix Vanguard Patching Issue

After an update alongside the game, Vanguard also receives various changes. These new changes sometimes cause the anti-cheat not to patch correctly, causing problems for many players. However, these patching issues are easily fixable, let’s take a look at the probable methods:

Method – 1: Restart your Computer

As a kernel-level anti-cheat, Vanguard consumes a hefty amount of RAM. So, your operating system might close the anti-cheat if there is a shortage of RAM. However, restarting the computer fixes this problem most of the time. Here’s how to restart your computer:

  • Open the Start menu.
  • Click on the Power prompt.
  • Press Restart, and your computer will restart itself.
Restart your Computer
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Method – 2: Close and Restart all Riot Processes

Restarting all Riot Processes will sometimes fix the Vanguard patching issue. First, open your taskbar and follow these steps:

  • Click on the Riot Client process and End the task.
  • Click on the Vanguard tray notification and End the task.
  • Restart your Riot Client after closing the processes.
Close and Restart all Riot Processes
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Method – 3: Reinstall the Riot Client

Reinstalling the Riot Client initiates Vanguard again. Riot Client isn’t downloadable, however, it can be reinstalled if you follow these steps:

  • Search Riot Client in the Search Bar.
  • Now Right Click on the Riot Client.
  • Click on Uninstall
  • After the uninstall is complete, boot up VALORANT again.
  • The Riot Client will start installing again.
Reinstall the Riot Client
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If you follow these steps carefully, your problem regarding Vanguard should be resolved. However, if your issue isn’t resolved after these steps, you can create a ticket from the VALORANT Support page.

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