How to Fix VALORANT Error Code 4 in 2023

VALORANT players often experience Error Code 4 when starting up their game. In this article, we will be discussing what it is and how to fix it.

VALORANT can run into various errors from time to time, as most online games do. When an error occurs, the game client informs you about it by displaying a message with the error code. Players often get confused by these error codes since they only display digits rather than the full message.

However, do not fear because we will discuss the details and solution of VALORANT Error code 4 (VAL 4) in this article.

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What is VALORANT Error Code 4?

VALORANT Error Code 4 is one of the more uncommon errors you can encounter in VALORANT. It occurs mostly when you are just starting up the game after creating a new account.

Error Code 4 stands for Invalid Display Name. This means that the name you have chosen could not be displayed or has characters not displayable in the game.

How to Fix (A complete step-by-step guide)

The fix to the VALORANT Error Code 4 problem is a bit tricky. Since the code means that you have an invalid display name, you have to change your name to fix it. So here is the step-by-step guide.

  • First, head on over to
  • Authenticate the log in via email or SMS
  • You will be greeted on the Riot Account Management page
  • From there, select “Riot ID” from the left menu
  • In the input field, type in your new desired Riot ID and hit “Save Changes”
  • Note that changing your Riot ID is free, but you can do it only once every 30 days
  • Start the Riot client back up and log in to your account
  • Launch VALORANT, and you should not see Error Code 4 message again

Fixing this issue can take some time, and it can be especially bothersome if you need to authenticate the login. This might be difficult if you don’t have ready access to your authentication email or device or if you’re in a public place. This is one of the more annoying problems to deal with as it requires changing your Riot ID, but by following this guide, you can fix VALORANT Error Code 4 (VAL 4) in no time.

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