How to Fast Travel in Elden Ring

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Are you wondering if there’s any way to fast travel in Elden Ring? Here you will learn how to use it, as well as the drawbacks.

Elden Ring is a remarkable role-playing action-adventure game with an open-world approach that harkens back to the earlier Dark Souls games. By the time you reach the finish line, you’ll be roaring with joy, misery, and honor all at the same time. There are castles to explore, monsters to defeat, and mysteries to unravel. Your goal is to obtain the title of Elden Lord as a “Tarnished,” a character with no formal title.

Elden Ring’s Lands Between is enormous, and traveling through them all would take an eternity. As a result, choosing fast travel that allows you to move quickly from one site to another is the best option.

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In this short briefing, we will explain how to fast travel in Elden Ring and when you may and cannot use the mechanism.

Fast Travel in Elden Ring

Elden Ring’s fast travel feature is equivalent to most other open-world video games. The following is a step-by-step procedure that you can follow:

  • Firstly, once you step out into the Lands Between for the first time, you will see your first Site of Grace.
  • As you explore the Lands Between more and more, you will find those bonfires, which are little flames in the ground where you can rest, recharge and level up your character.
  • After discovering a Site of Grace, you will be able to fast travel to it any time you’d like. These sites are your fast travel points.
  • Now, when you want to fast travel, open up your map, press “G” on your keyboard, or press the “Back” button on the controller.
  • Once the map is open, hover over any Site of Grace you’ve visited before and look at the bottom of the screen. The first option available will be to “travel.”
  • Just hit that key-bind, and you’ll instantly travel directly to that point or Site of Grace.

When You Can’t Fast Travel?

You can get to a Site of Grace quickly from just about anywhere, almost any time. The only times you can’t travel quickly are:

If you are still engaged in combat:

You will not be able to access your map while in combat. As a result, you won’t be able to fast-travel until you return to the open world.

Elden ring dungeon
Image: FromSoftware

If you seem to be in a dungeon that you haven’t finished:

Once you’re out in the overworld, or in a dungeon you’ve already explored, you’ll be able to fast travel whenever you’re not engaged in combat. So, for instance, if you end up in Sellia Crystal Tunnel due to a malicious magic trick, you can’t just leave until you finish it; you should first exit the cave, even if you’re resting at the Site of Grace located nearby.

elden ring horse
image: FromSoftware

It’s all about fast travel in Elden Ring. However, if you are off to a nice beginning with your first play session, be sure to check out our guides on the site for more Elden Ring tips.

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