How to Farm Uniques: Diablo 4

Tanim Hasan
By Tanim Hasan
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Credit: Blizzard Entertainment

Diablo 4 has a strong emphasis on character building. And uniques are one of the best ways to build a character. Here is how you can get unique gears in the game.

Diablo 4 is the newest mainline Diablo game to release in the market. This new game brings back almost all the old mechanics from the previous Diablo games and also adds some new ones. The game’s biggest change is its open world compared to the previous Diablo’s level-based system.

Nevertheless, the basic premise of building a powerful character who can go toe to toe with countless monsters is still present here. Players are encouraged to find new pieces of gear to build up their character as much as possible.

The most powerful tier of gear is known as Unique Gear. They can be farmed by doing various tasks in the game. Here we will show you all the ways you can farm unique in Diablo 4.

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Unique Farming in Diablo 4

There are actually more than one ways to farm Unique in Diablo 4. The drop of Unique gear is random. So there is no guarantee you will get a unique every time. Also, unique gear can only be obtained after reaching world tier 3. So if you haven’t reached that point yet, grind till you reach World 3. Then you can start farming these:

  • Nightmare Dungeons
  • Helltide Events
  • World Boss
  • Boss Fights
  • Elite Enemies

These are the options you can do to get yourself unique gear in Diablo 4. Bosses and Elites can be found inside the dungeon. The World Boss spawns every now and then, and the server comes together to defeat it. So farm in these events and enemies to get yourself unique gears in Diablo 4.

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