How To Drop Survivors in Dead By Daylight (DBD)?

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By Adiba Chowdhury
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Picked up a Survivor but not sure how to drop them? Keep reading to find out how to drop Survivors in Dead By Daylight no matter which platform you’re on!

Dead By Daylight or DBD is a Survival Horror game developed by the brilliant minds of Behaviour Interactives. Despite being around since 2016, the multiplayer horror franchise has managed to retain long-time players as well as attract new players. Even in 2022, Dead By Daylight continues to see an average active player base of 40k+ players.

In Dead By Daylight, you can either play as the Killer – whose job is to capture innocent Survivors and sacrifice them to the Entity. Or you could play as the Survivor and try to escape from the trial grounds alive. Playing as either Killer or Survivor will give you a unique gameplay experience. And there is a lot you can do when playing as either one of the two.

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While playing as Survivors involve tasks such as working on generators, healing allies, finding exit gates and hatches, and escaping from the trial grounds, the Killer’s job is much more simple – to not let anyone get out alive. However, for new players, some of the basics may be more confusing to figure out than others. For example, how to drop picked up Survivors. Here is how to do it on every platform:

  • PlayStation: Press Circle button
  • Xbox: Press B button
  • PC: Press R key

As a Killer, one of your objectives includes Hooking Survivors. This involves injuring and picking up Survivors, and carrying them all the way towards hooks as they struggle to free themselves the entire time. The way DBD is designed, the Killer is already vastly outnumbered. Although Killers are strong, you are still in a position of vulnerability when you are carrying a Survivor to a hook.

And sometimes, when playing against a team of Survivors who are well-coordinated, you will be faced with situations when they make use of this moment of vulnerability. Survivors may try to stun you or blind you with a torch or flash grenade. At that moment, it is best to drop the Survivor and swing your weapon at them.

Furthermore, if you are too far away from the hook, there is a possibility that the Survivor will squiggle themselves out of your grasp before you can hook them. On the contrary, if you drop them yourself, they will require assistance getting up before they can escape. So it is safer to drop Survivors and pick them up again when the hooks are too far away.

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