Learn How to Drift Properly in Fortnite: Rocket Racing

Asil Ahsan
By Asil Ahsan
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Drifting is a key aspect of Rocket Racing, and if you are having trouble drifting, then follow this guide!

The high-speed tracks of Fortnite: Rocket Racing demands more than just acceleration; it calls for mastering the intricate art of drifting.

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Not only does drifting add flair to your maneuvers, but it also serves as a tactical necessity when you are facing tight corners. It also helps you to gain bursts of speed and, most importantly, builds up your boost meter.

To help you with drifting in Fortnite: Rocket Racing, I have decided to create this guide where I will discuss how to drift in Rocket Racing effectively. So, let’s dive into the details, shall we?

How to Drift in Fortnite Rocket Racing

In the world of Rocket Racing, there are two distinct methods of drifting, each with its own nuances. The first is automatic drift, and the second is manual drift.

Automatic Drift

The automatic drift is as simple as holding the left or right button for an extended duration. If you are just starting with racing games, then this is the one you begin with for drifting.

Once the drift begins, you will have the flexibility to adjust the sharpness or shallowness of the drift. You will stop drifting, and your vehicle will straighten out.

While you are using automatic drift, keep a watchful eye on the purple boost meter to the left of your car. It fills up faster during any type of drift. The green bar beneath your vehicle gradually fills as you drift. It ensures a more substantial speed boost upon completing the drift, depending on its fullness.

Manual Drift

Now, if you are looking to get a bit more control, there’s the option of manually starting a drift. This action can be assigned to various keys, with default options like Square for PlayStation, X for Xbox, Y for Nintendo, or Shift for those using a keyboard.

If you intend to perform a manual drift, then you will want to start the maneuver sooner than you actually feel drifting in the screen. This technique proves particularly advantageous when anticipating a tight corner ahead.

Therefore, by starting your drift early, you can proactively align your vehicle with the upcoming direction. This is a strategic move that becomes increasingly crucial as you climb the ranks in Fortnite: Rocket Racing, especially on challenging maps with sharp turns like Sidewinder and Anaconda.

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