How to Check The Finals Server Status

Mehraj Mahdin
By Mehraj Mahdin
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Credit: Embark Studios

Having trouble getting into your favorite arena shooter? Here’s how you can check if The Finals Server is down or not

Embark Studios might have a gem on their hands as The Finals has come out in full swing. The fast-paced arena shooter is a breath of fresh air from all the tactical and ultra-competitive games currently popular. Within a very short time, The Finals has gotten a significant player base.

However, as we saw from the release of online titles like Overwatch 2 and The Day Before, it isn’t as easy to get into the game after downloading. The server can range from being overloaded to just being offline for various reasons. So, how do you know if the server is ready for your presence?

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Are The Finals Servers down?

The Finals servers are up and running. Only during the launch of the game did the developers try to limit the player intake. However, the game is up and running smoothly now!

How to Check The Finals Server Status

There are a few ways to check if the servers are operational or not. The most reliable way to check their Discord server for any updates. The developers are quick to update any mishaps regarding the game. It also has the added benefit of finding like-minded people to play with or chat with.

Other than that, you can also find regular updates on their official Twitter account. It gives more important news and patch notes in a neat manner, although without the real connection of personnel that you might find on Discord.

Even if you find the servers down, it’s most likely due to an update being pushed or some sort of technical difficulty. You will quickly find any updates to the situation via their official mediums. Moreover, major games like The Finals won’t keep the servers down for too long, so just wait it out till you get back into the arena!

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