How To Change Difficulty In Diablo Immortal

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As you upgrade in the game, your difficulty level upgrades as well. But you can change it any time. Through this guide, you will learn how to change the Difficulty Level in Diablo Immortal.

Diablo Immortal has come up with various difficulty levels. And according to your preferences, you can change your difficulty level by choosing it manually.

Things change as you level up in the game—the enemies, the power, and the difficulty level change. However, you can change the difficulty level with some easy steps.

How To Change Difficulty

How To Change Difficulty In Diablo Immortal
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To change the Difficulty Level, you must know two things, which are:

  1. The levels of Difficulty
  2. How to change it

The Levels Of Difficulty

To change difficulty levels, you must first know the levels in detail. Here are the difficulty levels are shown below:

Average Difficulty Level

At this level, the gaming atmosphere is easygoing. Here, you have the Equipment Level and Character Level 1 – 60.

Hell 1 Difficulty Level

This is a primary difficulty level where you will start feeling the heat. Here you have Equipment Level and Paragon Level 1 – 60 and as well as Monster Combat Rating – 390.

Hell 2 Difficulty Level

This level is the intermediate difficulty level. You will see various changes in the gameplay as the Difficulty gets higher. Here you have Equipment Level and Paragon Level 30 – 130 as well as Monster Combat Rating – 1190.

Hell 3 Difficulty Level

The Hell 3 difficulty level has more difficulties than Hell 2 Difficulty level. At this level, you will see immense changes in the gameplay. Here you have Equipment Level and Paragon Level 90 – 210 as well as Monster Combat Rating – 2150.

Hell 4 Difficulty Level

This is the most complex level in the game. If you play with this difficulty level, it will be harder for you to survive in this game. Here you have Equipment Level and Paragon Level 160 – 300 and Monster Combat Rating – 3270.

How To Change It

Now to change the difficulty level, you can follow the steps below:

Reach Level 60

You cannot change the difficulty level until you reach level 60. So play as fast as you can to reach level 60.

Go To Westmarch

Open your minimap to see all the difficulty levels you have unlocked up until now.


Now after reaching level 60, you can choose the difficulty levels. Choose one and play the game to feel the immense Difficulty and survive.

After all these tasks are completed, you can change the difficulty level!

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