How To Buy and Sell Items in Lethal Company

Abu Taher Tamim
By Abu Taher Tamim
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If you want to learn how to buy and sell items in Lethal Company, you’re in the right place. I’ll show you exactly what you’re looking for.

If you want to survive the company’s ruthless demands, you’ve got to stay in the black. With quotas getting higher each cycle, gear and upgrades become essential for exploring perilous moons. Therefore, learning how to sell items/scrap efficiently for profit and leverage those earnings to buy equipment is invaluable.

Let me show you how to master Lethal Company’s brutal economy in this guide. You’ll discover the optimal strategies for offloading loot at the Company building for top dollar, as well as accessing the notorious in-game shop to arm yourself with the best tools for descending to dangerous satellites.

With these proven buying and selling tactics at your disposal, you can expertly turn dusty salvage into credits and then credits into lifesaving gear. Once these simple but effective tricks become second-nature, you’ll watch savings soar as the odds of getting eliminated plunge.

How To Buy Items in Lethal Company

1. Access the In-Game Store

  • You can buy tools, weapons, and upgrades in Lethal Company to explore dangerous moons and get valuable scrap.
  • To access the store, go to the terminal on your ship and type “Store.”
  • This will bring up the in-game shop listing.
Access the In-Game Store in Lethal Company

2. Browse and Select Desired Items

You can scroll through flashlights, walkie-talkies, protective suits, ship decor, and more.

Browse and Select Desired Items in Lethal Company

When you find something you want, type its name into the terminal followed by the desired quantity. For example, “Flashlight 1” can be used to buy one flashlight.

3. Confirm Your Purchase

  • After selecting an item, type “Confirm” or “c” to complete the purchase. Type “Deny” or “d” to cancel.
  • The item will not appear instantly — instead, watch for a delivery pod to arrive on the moon containing your goods.
  • Pods land loudly nearby, so listen closely after ordering.
  • If already on course to another moon, delivery can take over an hour.
Confirm Your Purchase in Lethal Company

4. Find Your Delivery Pod

  • Once you find the pod, collect your purchased items from within.
  • Now equipped with helpful gear from the Lethal Company store, you can explore the moon more safely and efficiently.
  • Revisit when you’ve gathered more funds to further upgrade abilities.
  • Use store profits wisely at each step to increase durability and haul capacity.
Find Your Delivery Pod in Lethal Company

How To Sell Items in Lethal Company

1. Navigate to the Company Building

  • The Company building on 71-Gordion is the only place you can offload items.
  • Access your ship’s terminal and input “Moons”, then “The Company”, then confirm to set a route.
  • The terminal shows the daily buying percentage — wait until 100% to get full value.
  • On arrival, head inside to the counter.
Navigate to the Company Building in Lethal Company

2. Place Items Carefully on the Counter

  • Press E to place items on the counter.
  • Take care when positioning your haul — the janky counter can flick objects everywhere if you aren’t precise.
  • Make multiple trips if needed to avoid overflowing your pockets.
Place Items Carefully on the Counter in Lethal Company

💡 Pro Tip: Large heavy scrap requires two hands, walk slowly once equipped or drop during emergencies.

3. Ring the Bell Once

  • When ready, ring the bell once to alert the creature behind the wall.
  • Resist ringing repetitively!
  • The ravenous beast hates spam and will attack without warning.
  • Stand back after one or two rings and wait.
Ring the Bell Once in Lethal Company

💡 Pro Tip: Too many rings also causes pay deductions.

4. Await the Creature’s Arrival

  • Watch for the slot opening at the counter’s rear, indicating your payment is imminent.
  • No need to ring again — loud noises may also trigger the beast’s arrival.
  • If the slot doesn’t open within a minute, cautiously ring once more.
  • Under no circumstances should you approach or reach into the slot.
Await the Creature's Arrival in Lethal Company

5. Collect Your Hard-Earned Profits

Shortly after the slot opens, you’ll receive credits based on the haul value. First time selling? Expect an introductory bonus! With profits in hand, celebrate with your crew before preparing to loot your next target.

Tips on Buying and Selling Items

  1. Sell Items on Day 3 for Max Profit: Wait until the last quota day, when the Company buys items at 100% value, before selling your scrap and loot. Selling too early reduces potential earnings.
  2. Buy Flashlights First: Flashlights should be one of your first purchases, as they are vital for navigating dark interiors. Trying to loot without them is extremely dangerous.
  3. Split Purchases Between Crew: Since each crew member gets personalized store deals, coordinate purchases between players to maximize savings from promotions.
  4. Listen for Delivery Pods: After buying gear, listen closely for loud delivery pods arriving with your items. Pods always land near your ship, so explore the immediate vicinity.
  5. Don’t Overbuy if Struggling: If you are having trouble meeting quotas, avoid spending a windfall from a big sale on expensive decorative items. Prioritize tools/upgrades that will help gather more scrap.
  6. Purchase Grenades Before Risky Moons: Stock up on explosives before attempting stormy or challenging moons to help escape deadly threats. They provide invaluable emergency escapes.
  7. Resell Pods Themselves: Delivery pod shells themselves can be sold for scrap. Remember to grab the empty pods and haul them back to the Company building after collecting your order.

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