How to Build a Team Properly in Honkai: Star Rail

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Building a team is important in Honkai: Star Rail if you want to emerge victorious in combat. This guide will explain how to build a team properly in Honkai: Star Rail.

Honkai: Star Rail is a role-playing gacha video game developed by HoYoverse, the creators of Genshin Impact and Honkai Impact 3rd. In Honkai: Star Rail, players must create a party of four characters and engage in turn-based combat against enemies. Like other HoYoverse games, players must strategize and build a team that can benefit them in battle.

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There are different character categories in Honkai: Star Rail, damage dealers, support and healers, etc. Players must create a party consisting of characters from those categories that can deal damage and other support characters who can buff your characters, provide shields for your party, or even heal them. The strength of your team will be tested in combat, and it is really important to build your team correctly.

This guide will help you provide suggestions and recommendations for building a team in Honkai: Star Rail.

Team Building in Honkai: Star Rail

Since Honkai: Star Rail is a turn-based RPG game, team building is really important in this game because of its combat system. Each character in the game follows a Path, which separates each character type. The game has seven playable Paths, and players need to assemble a team of characters from each Path to help them fight enemies.

You need to consider these steps to build a team in Honkai: Star Rail.


Aggressive Playstyle

This playstyle mainly focuses on the offense to defeat the enemies as fast as possible. This team will consist of one main DPS character, two offensive support characters, and a flex character who can be a healer or shielder.

The main damage dealer, often called a hyper carry, will be paired with support characters who can buff the main damage dealer’s attacks and critical rate or damage. The flex character can either provide healing, heal the party, or even be a Nihility character who can debuff the enemies. Debuffing the enemies will allow the main damage dealer to deal massive damage to end the battle quickly.

Defensive Playstyle

The defensive playstyle focuses more on keeping the team alive during battle. This team will run multiple defensive support characters who can tank damage or provide shields for your party and the damage dealer to fight the enemies. This playstyle suits new players who just started Honkai: Star Rail but do not have good damage dealers to carry them in battle.

This team will consist of one main DPS character, a sub-DPS character with one shielder and one healer to keep your team members alive, while the other two damage enemies.

Using both shielder and healer will allow your team to survive for a long time, even if they are hit with brutal attacks from enemies. You should use a main damage dealer who is great with AoE attacks and can target multiple enemies; otherwise, the battle could be time-consuming.

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Inflicting Enemies with Elemental Weakness

This is an essential step in building your team in Honkai: Star Rail after you decide which playstyle suits you more. Enemies in Honkai: Star Rail have a set of elemental weaknesses displayed above their heads before and during combat.

When the enemies are hit with elements they are vulnerable to, they are inflicted with Weakness Break, and their Toughness gets reduced. Then, when the enemies’ Toughness goes to zero, it causes Break, preventing them from attacking for one round. Lastly, when enemies enter the Break state, they will take increased damage from the rest of your characters that still have active turns available.

Elemental weakness on enemies in Honkai: Star Rail
Elemental weakness on enemies in Honkai: Star Rail

Weakness Break is an important mechanic in Honkai: Star Rail, which will help you build the team based on the enemies and bosses you face in the game. As one of the the core combat mechanics in Honkai: Star Rail centers around dealing damage of the elemental type that the enemy is weak to to break their Toughness bar, using characters whose element the enemy is weak to will give you an important edge during combat. In addition to increasing your team’s damage, breaking the enemy’s toughness bar prevents their turn.

Let’s not forget that enemies in Honkai: Star Rail are weak to multiple elements. So, building a team that is as diverse as possible, with three or even four characters with different element types, is important. Having characters of different elements will help you quickly break their toughness in battle.

Skill Points

Skill Points
Skill Points

Skills points are a vital resource players must utilize in combat in Honkai: Star Rail. Characters in your party share the skill points, so learning how to use them properly in combat is important.

It is also important to learn how your skill points are generated in combat and build a team where the characters can use them efficiently. So, it would be best to build a Skill Point Neutral team, meaning this team will consume and generate skill points at the same rate. When you have a Skill Point Neutral team available, it will enable your damage dealers to use skill points in combat and deal the most damage.

Team Comps

When you enter a battle in Honkai: Star Rail, choosing the correct team composition is important so you don’t struggle. Team comps are important so you can face the strongest bosses in Honkai: Star Rail.

The best team comps in the game require you to have a decent number of characters and light cones in the game. Having good four and five-star characters in your locker is important to get creative with your team comps. Usually, each team in Honkai: Star Rail will have at least four characters in the party.

  • Main Damage Dealer
  • Offensive Support (Buffer)
  • Defensive Support (Healer/Shielder)
  • Flex Slot (Debuffer/Sub-DPS)
Standard Team Comp in Honkai: Star Rail

The team comp above consists of one main damage dealer, Jing Yuan of the Erudition Path, and Tingyun and Bronya of Harmony Path, who will act as buffers for Jing Yuan. Finally, Gepard will be the Flex character in this party who can provide shields for the entire party. This team comp is built for multiple targets, as Jing Yuan can target multiple enemies with his abilities.

You can replace Jing Yuan with a more single-target, damage-dealing character such as Dan Heng, Seele, or Yanqing of the Hunt Path. Gepard can also be replaced with healers like Bailu, Natasha, or Loucha, who follow the Path of Abundance. It should be noticed that you pair different characters of different elements so they can break enemies’ toughness in battle.

Choosing your main damage dealer for different enemies is important because even though a character who can target multiple enemies can be good, they will not be great for elite bosses in the game. So, choose your main damage dealer correctly before you engage in combat.

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