How To Beat Porky Puff Boss in Biomutant Easily

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Here is a guide on how you can easily defeat the Porky Puff Boss in Biomutant.

The action RPG, which has been in development for so long, has finally been released today. Biomutant offers a brand new and unique experience for RPG fanatics. The combat style will give the nostalgic mix of Max Payne, Batman, hack, and slash RPGs. Porky Puff is the first of the many bosses in Biomutant. So we have created a guide that will help you defeat the Porky Puff boss easily.

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How to Beat Porky Puff Boss-

Furthermore, this Boss has two stages, and you need different tactics to get through each stage. Porky Puff has infinite health in stage one until you stun it. Follow the steps below to beat the first of the two stages of Porky Puff-

  • Press the Square/X button to grab a mine.
  • Pull the mine to Porky Puff while avoiding the wave attacks.
  • Press R2/RT when the mine is next to Porky Puff to explode it.
  • Now there will be a limited time window when you can go ham on it and deal as much damage as you can.

After you deal enough damage, Porky Puff will dive underwater. It will do this generally four times in Stage One. It will come at you like a shark, and these attacks can be deadly, so I would recommend stocking up on health supplies as well as dodging them.

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In my opinion, Stage 2 is much easier than stage 1 as it is on the mainland, and it’s easier to hit the boss since it does not have infinite health anymore. As it will be on land, and you can damage it from pretty much from every angle. All you have to do is dodge its boulders and jump over waves to avoid stacking up damage. In between all of this, continue hitting it, and you will eventually defeat it.

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