How to Add Friends in The Finals?

Mahir Faisal
By Mahir Faisal
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Credit-Embark Studios

The Finals is best to enjoy when you team up with your friends. Here is how you can add your friends.

The Finals is a newly launched online game that relies on fast-paced combat and gameshow mechanics. The game has been in the beta stage for a long time and has finally been fully released on December 7, 2023. Even though the full release of the game surprised many, it didn’t take much time to catch the hype.

Developer Embark Studios created this gameshow, FPS, where multiple teams battle on various vibrant-looking maps to score cash. The sleek shooting and highly destructible map design have made The Finals immensely popular among FPS fans. However, as the game relies on team-based objectives, the best experience is certain to come when you are queueing up with your friends rather than random players.

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How to Add Friends in The Finals

If you wish to queue up with your friends in The Finals, you must add them first. Follow these steps to add your friends:

  1. Press on the Social Tab in the top right corner.
How to Add Friends in The Finals
Credit-Embark StuDios

2. Click on the Add Friend button from the bottom right of the screen.

How to Add Friends in The Finals
Credit-Embark StuDios

3. Enter your friend’s Embark ID (You and your friends can find Embark IDs in the Social Tab on the top left corner.)

How to Add Friends in The Finals
Credit-Embark StuDios

4. Click on Add Friend.

Thats it!! Now, you can find your friends under the Social Tab. You can invite them from there to queue up and roll into the battleground together.

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