How Many Game Modes Are There in The Finals?

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By Mehraj Mahdin
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The hottest game on the block—how many game modes did The Finals launch with?

Embark Studios launched The Finals in December of 2023. A modern arena shooter with fast-paced action and randomness. The divergence of calculated risks from games like VALORANT and Counter-Strike 2, was a risky move. However, the player numbers show that the people really enjoy the game.

The game came out with a few game modes that slightly changed the objectives of the game. Depending on the mode, you might want to tweak your playstyle. The best part about the game is that the core mechanics are rarely different, whatever mode you are playing. In the future, maybe there will be even more varieties.

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What are the Game Modes in The Finals?

In The Finals, there are two different Playlists. Quickplay, and Bank It. These are further divided into two categories, namely Quick Cash and Tournament. Furthermore, the Tournament mode is divided into Tournament and Ranked, with both of these game modes having a different set of rules compared to casual.


The casual category of The Finals. Both game modes are playable in this category. There is a matchmaking system that tries to balance the players on both teams. However, there are no stakes here, and players don’t have to worry about losing any Fame Points.

Quick Cash

The main game mode is set by Embark Studios. The game mode revolves around capture-the-flag and attack/defend-style gameplay. 3 teams will join the arena with a set objective. This vault needs to be opened, escorted, and deposited. A team can steal the progress of the deposit, so make sure to defend it at all costs!

  • Lengthː Single Match
  • Earn Cashː Successful Cashout
  • Lose cash on team wipeː No
  • Respawn cointsː Unlimited
Quick Cash

Bank It

The fast-paced gunplay-centric mode in The Finals. 4 teams will join the arena for an all-out brawl. Vaults will randomly spawn containing coins starting from $5,000 and rising up to $10,000. Eliminate players and collect they will drop any coin they are carrying plus $1,000 more for your troubles.

  • Carrying cash will create a trail behind you that gets longer as you carry more cash.
  • Points are only counted when you deposit your cash.
Bank It


Tournament Mode is a competitive version of the Cashout mode. However, there are some differences in the game rules. The core idea is still the same but there are more stakes. There will be 3 rounds with limited respawn tokens carried over. You have to finish in the top 2 each round, after which the final round will be a 1v1 game of cashout. You cannot change your loadout during a round, so plan wisely!

Respawn coinsː 2 coins at the start, 1 respawn coin per round, coins carry over between rounds.

Round Overtimeː Yes, if a cashout is in progress when the time expires

Tournament Mode

Ranked Tournament

The same as a tournament mode. However, there will be 4 rounds instead. The tournament rules still apply. You will be rewarded with Fame Points (FP) which are basically the rank progression points in The Finals

As the game slowly matures, there might be more action-packed game modes released by Embark Studios. It does depend on how much the players enjoy the current modes and whether or not they require huge balance updates. This will free up more time to experiment with limited-timed modes.

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