How Long Does it Take to Plant and Defuse C4 in Counter-Strike 2?

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Plant and Defuse time of the C4 in Counter-Strike 2 has more nuances than you think!

The simplicity of Counter-Strike is what makes it so enjoyable. Anyone can pick up the game and get up to speed with how the game works. The catch is that it might be easy to pick up, but it is very difficult to get better once you reach your ceiling.

A few ways you can improve your skills in the game are by learning the mechanics of it. The game revolves around planting and defusing the C4, and there are a few tips and tricks to learn regarding this very component of the game. These can work in your favor in the middle of a crucial round.

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Time Needed to Plant and Defuse the C4

In simple terms, you will need 10 seconds to defuse the bomb, which is reduced to 5 if you have a kit. To plant, it will take approximately 3.2 seconds. So, if you sit down to plant when there are only 4 seconds left of the round, you’ll be able to successfully plant the bomb.

However, it is not as simple as that. There are a few more factors, both gameplay and hard-coded ones, that will affect planting and defusing.

Defusing takes More than 10 Seconds

Everyone is familiar with holding the defuse when the 10-second timer plays but still not getting the defuse. The reason isn’t that you held it at the wrong time. Instead, without a kit, the defuse takes longer than 10 seconds. So, the full defuse without a kit takes 10 seconds + 1 tick, so it may be close to 10.05 seconds.

How Long Does it Take to Plant and Defuse C4 in Counter-Strike 2?
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Planting the C4 quicker

Planting takes around 3.5 seconds, so you should keep it around 4 seconds before you sit down and plant. However, running into the site while your “use” or “fire” key is pressed down will make you go deeper into the site without actually planting.

How Long Does it Take to Plant and Defuse C4 in Counter-Strike 2?

Instead, press the “use” or “fire” key the moment you enter the site. This will make you start planting as soon as you enter the site. This ensures you plant the moment it is possible to plant.

Remember that you run as quickly as you would with a knife with the C4 equipped in Counter-Strike. So, if you have to make a run for it, equip the C4 to plant it the fastest. While defusing, remember to always buy a kit. You have 30 seconds to clear the retake and defuse it!

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