Hogwarts Legacy: All Available Mounts

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Hogwarts Legacy: All Available Mounts

Learn about all the mounts you can ride on in Hogwarts Legacy.

In the Wizardry world, you just do not walk to reach your destination; you get reached. It doesn’t matter what the subject is, as it is pretty obvious in this world. You can literally Leviosa a TV remote and might even fly to your workplace. However, in Hogwarts Legacy, there are far better things to ride to reach your destination.

From multiple reports, we can verify that there will be multiple objects, and beasts will be available to be your uber. Well, this announced massive open-world will sure to have some comforting rides to hover all around and explore all the terrestrials.

And that is what will be our discussion for today in this guide. Hop in!

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All Available Mounts in Hogwarts Legacy

We can confirm at least three of the available mounts from multiple reports. And yes, we will be able to see more of them. But for now, let’s discuss the ones we have come to know of:

Onyx Hippogriff

This fantastic beast is Eagle on the front part and Horse at the back of the row. It can be similarized a lot with Griffin; only replace the Horse with Lion at the back.

However, this magical beast, even though carnivorous, can be taken lightly. It takes quite a hard time to digest big meat for this guy, so we are definitely out of his diet. That apparently makes Hippogriff a great mounting medium.

Now, this exclusive creature that the great Sirius Black once owned, can be used as your transportation if you preorder the game as early as possible. Both Standard and Deluxe editions will give you the opportunity to pet him. What you do with it in your free time is your business; I just want to pet all day. Hope there is a dedicated function for that.


This Gargoyle-looking creature looks like it came straight out of the books of Dark Arts. Thestrals, visible to only those who witnessed death, are half Horse and half skeletal. Moreover, the wings resemble bat-wings a lot.

This carnivorous goth is attracted to blood. Bearing the “wild” tag presumably presents them as “hard to tame.” However, who knows how they will behave in this Legacy.

Now, to get your hands on this gothic-aesthetic creature, you need to purchase the Deluxe edition. It will come in as part of the Dark Arts pack. Not sure if I would feel comfortable petting this as well.


Broomstick is an icon in the world of Wizards. I mean, who doesn’t ride on Broomsticks? From witches to the Quidditch Cup, we grew up watching the Broomstick in action. Not gonna lie, I felt terrible for the other kids when Sirius Black sent the limited edition Broomstick for Harry.

There are a lot of models you might see. From the famous Nimbus to the classic Comet, we did not grow up that much.

There you go. That is all I had for the mounts we might see in the Hogwarts Legacy. However, more to get updated, and keep an eye on here. We will come back. Cheers!

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