HLE signs Deft, Chovy, Morgan and others

Shadman Sabik Zaim
By Shadman Sabik Zaim
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Deft and Chovy joins Hanwha Life Esports (HLE) after playing last year in DRX. They also sign Morgan from WE along with other players to improve the roster.

After a shambolic loss to DAMWON Gaming at Worlds 2020, DRX had an exodus. Except Pyosik, every player left the organization and Deft was one of the big prizes in the offseason for many teams.

Not only does HLE manage to snag Deft but they also sign his teammate Chovy. This adds both Deft and Chovy along with Morgan, Arthur and Winter to a roster than will prove to be in playoff contention. HLE also re-signs CaD who showed promise last year.

The Signings

Deft joining the team was announced in their official Twitter post. Chovy joining was announced minutes ago and this makes this team a very strong contender next season.

They also manage to sign Morgan from WE which brings a strong presence in the top lane. They also sign Winter who was part of Gen.G Academy which won the Logitech G Rookie Invitational 2020.

Not only that, they also re-sign CaD who played well for them last year and bring in another jungler in Arthur who was previously playing in the OPL.

Deft and Chovy bring star power to this team which will be a force to be reckoned with. Morgan is also a very good top laner that will give them a huge asset in the top side of the Rift. Also, signing three junglers in Winter, CaD and Arthur gives them a lot of versatility.

So far, this roster is shaping up really well. They will probably be signing a support player to complement Deft to bolster this squad.

LCK is starting to get very interesting especially with them starting franchising from this year. We will keep you all updated on more offseason moves. Follow our websites for more updates about League of Legends.

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