High On Life: How to beat 5-Torg

High On Life focuses on hunting bounties on different planets. It has a secret boss called 5-Torg. Here is how you can beat 5-Torg in the game.

High On Life is a first-person shooter game with a lot of quirky personalities in the form of talking guns. In this game, you play as a bounty hunter taking on different kinds of bounties. The game is mainly centered around its talking weapons. Even all of your weapons can talk and joke all the time. But the humor may not be for everyone.

Aside from the light-hearted tone of the game, the game has pretty good shooter mechanics with an emphasis on mobility. Throughout the game, you will get different types of items that will increase the movement option of your characters. And they come in handy when it comes to boss encounters.

In High On Life, 5-Torg is a secret boss you can fight during a bounty. Here is the guide on how you can start the boss fight and beat 5-Torg in the game.

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How to Beat 5-Torg in High On Life

5-Torg is a secret boss in High On Life. To reach 5-Torg, you will need to accept the 9-Torg bounty and play through it. 5-Torg is the clone of 9-Torg. When you reach 9-Torg, you will see them arguing with each other. Then after your fight with 9-Torg, 5-Torg will come down tied to a pole.

She will ask you to spare her as she is not bad like her counterpart, 9-Torg. However, she is lying, and if you shoot her while she is tied, a new boss health bar will appear, and the 5-Torg fight will start. She cannot fight back, but she will try to persuade you not to kill her. If you kill her, Kenny will say you have killed a secret boss.

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