Heartsteel Kayn Legendary Skin: Splash Art, Release Date, and More

Soumyo Deb
By Soumyo Deb
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Image Credits: Riot Games

Alongside the Paranoia song, Riot has revealed the legendary skin, Heartsteel Kayn.

Since 2014, with the release of Pentakill, Riot has been releasing a song every single year. After that, we have seen new bands like K/DA and True Damage. Not only that, over the years, they brought back K/DA and Pentakill with new songs and skins to reignite the interest. However, recently, Riot has not made a new band based on League of Legends. But not too long ago, they started teasing a new boyband called Heartsteel.

And recently, we got the first Heartsteel song, Paranoia. The quality of the song and the animation was amazing. Alongside the song, we are also getting an entirely new skin line based on the band. And the legendary skin of this set is Heartsteel Kayn.

Kayn is one of the most popular junglers in League of Legends. While he barely gets picked in pro tournaments, he has a high pick rate in solo queue in all ranks. His main gimmick is that he can change his form depending on his needs. He can either become a Darkin or a Shadow Assassin. Because of this gimmick, he is extremely versatile. But since he is extremely weak in the early game and his kit is extremely selfish, he is barely picked in pro play.

For Riot, making a Kayn skin is extremely difficult as they have to make skins for his other forms as well. Excluding prestige, he has four unique skins. Additionally, he already has a legendary skin, Odyssey Kayn. And it is considered his best skin. And now he is going to receive his second legendary skin.

Heartsteel Kayn is Kayn’s newest and second legendary skin. Regarding quality, it is on par with Odyssey Kayn. While both Kayn and Shadow Assassin look amazing, Rhaast is the main highlight here. In all of Kayn’s skins, Rhaast looks similar in all of them. However, with Hearsteel, Rhaast looks extremely unique, having a more punk look. Overall, it’s a great pickup if you play Kayn.

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Heartsteel Kayn

Splash Art

heartsteel Kayn
Image Credits: Riot Games

Heartsteel Kayn Price

As it will be a legendary skin, it will cost 1820 RP.

Release Date

The Hearsteel skins will be released on patch 13.22, scheduled for Wednesday, November 8, 2023.

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