Hackers Reportedly Stole Nearly 200GB of Epic Games’ Data

Himel Mahmud
By Himel Mahmud
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Credit: Epic Games

A ransomware gang has reportedly hacked Epic Games and claimed to have stolen 189 gigabytes of internal data.

The Mogilevich ransomware group said it breached Epic Games’ Fortnite last night and stole nearly 200GB of data, including “emails, passwords, full names, payment information, source code,” and others. The group posted on the dark web that the stolen data are currently listed for sale.

The ransomware group claimed responsibility for a cyberattack on Bazaarvoice, a Texas-based technology company that connects brands and retailers with their customers. Mogilevich group successfully infiltrated Bazaarvoice’s systems and revealed the organization’s staggering $350.2 million revenue to the public.

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Mogilevich Reportedly Hacked Epic Games’ Internal Data

First reported by Cyber Daily, a Mogilevich representative gave additional details regarding the claimed leak of the Epic Games Store and Fortnite companies in a message posted on their darknet leak website. The group has set a deadline of March 4th for someone to purchase the data, but it hasn’t disclosed an exact amount or revealed its plans for the data if the deadline is missed.

We have quietly carried out an attack to Epic Games’ servers. If you are an employee of the company or someone who would like to buy the data, click on me.

Mogilevich’s Statement on the Epic Games’ Attack
mogilevich's Message on the Website
mogilevich’s Message on the Website

Mogilevich is a relatively new ransomware group and probably originated in Russia. The group first attacked on February 20 on Nissan’s subsidiary Infiniti USA, followed by Bazaarvoice and Ireland’s Department of Foreign Affairs. Epic Games is reportedly the fourth victim of the ransomware group.

After the news of the stolen data was published on the dark web, Epic Games responded to the group’s claim and calmed the community of the potential ransomware attack. The makers of Fortnite later stated that the company is currently investigating the matter and claimed that there is zero evidence that the claims are legitimate.

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