Guardians of the Galaxy: How To Defeat Dweller-In-Darkness

Here is how you can defeat Dweller-In-Darkness.

There are around 11 bosses in Guardians of the Galaxy. Players will have to face each boss with a different tactic and survive through their attacks. The difficulty will increase as you get to the end of the game. In chapter three you will face Dweller-In-Darkness who can be tough to deal with if you are not prepared. So we have made a complete guide on how to defeat Dweller-In-Darkness.

How to Defeat Dweller-In-Darkness

Guardians of the Galaxy allows you to choose from different abilities. You can unlock up to 4 powers for each character in the game using ability points you will get when you level up. There are three stages where players will have to use all kinds of abilities to cut off four tentacles and eventually kill it.

During the first stage, you will have to attack from a distance while dodging its swipes and slams. After you deal enough damage to the tentacles, they will get stunned, and you will have a small window of opportunity if the life bar finishes, cut the tentacle off using Gamora. If you fail to do this using Gamora, the health bar will regenerate. During Stage 2, you will now have to cut two tentacles instead of one. This stage will be more troublesome than the first one as you will have to damage the tentacles, defeat the smaller enemies and look for that window of opportunity again to cut them off.

Once again, in Stage 3 of the fight, enemies will spawn, and the Dweller-In-Darkness will now shoot explosives at you. You will have to be on your toes to dodge them and use Drax to pick them up and throw them back at the boss to damage him further. When you finally do enough damage to him, use Gamoro again to cut and put an end to the boss.

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