GTA 6 Leaks: Potential Release Date, Modern Setting, Evolving Map, Remastered Vice City, and More

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Recent GTA 6 Leaks have revealed that we might have to wait for a long time for it to come out.

Rockstar Games released GTA V almost 8 years ago on September 17, 2013. At that time it was one of the most popular games out there. The large open map, the dynamic world, the likable characters, and stories all made it one of the best games of all.

Later, Rockstar Games released an online multiplayer version of GTA V called GTA Online. This online mode brought Rockstar a ton of money and players. That’s why even after 8 years, GTA Online is still going as strong as ever and is one of the most played games on Steam. Some gamers have also stated this as the reason why Rockstar is taking so much time with GTA 6.

Previously we got some leaks related to GTA 6 that stated that the game might be coming out in 2023-2024. But recently leaks have informed us that the wait might be even longer than that. We also learned some new info about the map of GTA 6.

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GTA 6 Leaks:

Tom Henderson recently released a video sharing some info he learned about the upcoming Grand Theft Auto game. A lot of his previous leaks have been pretty accurate. But still take all of this with a grain of salt as the game is still in early development and things are subject to change.

Previously we got leaks that GTA 6 might be set in a 1980’s era. But Tom Anderson clarified, that might not be the case. Apparently, GTA 6 will be set in a modern setting. He explained that the main reason for this is GTA Online. GTA 6 will be set in a modern setting to give more creative freedom to add things to GTA Online.

Next Tom explained that his sources told him “Vice City will be coming to the game in some capacity”. Tom then clarified that the map is not as big as all the leaks make them out to be.

The GTA 6 map is apparently going to be dynamic meaning it will change will the release of new DLC’s or new in-game events or occurrences. There will be new areas and additions to the map with the release of new DLC’s and content. These changes were compared to the current map changes that the popular Battle Royale Fortnite goes through with all the live events.

Seems like GTA 6 will follow the same system for characters. Players will be able to play multiple characters throughout the game. Tom also mentioned that one of those playable characters might be a female. She will be the hacker/techie of the group.

Then Tom talked about the release date and seems like we might have to wait until 2025 to get GTA 6. There are various reasons for this as Rockstar is apparently focusing on employee well-being at the moment. Another reason is that Rockstar wants to release the game on current-gen consoles and PCs. They want to wait a few more years for more consoles to be sold before releasing GTA 6 to increase their sales. GTA Online is also currently doing extremely well with more than 100k players playing every day on Steam alone so Rockstar has no reason to release GTA 6 at the moment.

Tom later talked also about Cryptocurrencies being in the game in some form or the other. But it does not mean you will be able to trade GTA 6 Cryptocurrencies for real-world money. We also learned about some sort of wingsuits being in the game too.

Watch the full video below to find out more details about the recent GTA 6 leaks.

YouTube video

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