Grounded: Can You Kill the Crow?

Grounded has mostly bug-type enemies that are on land. But the expectation is the Crow. After it has been added to the game, the crow flies around the map. But can you kill the bird? Let us find out.

Grounded is a survival and base builder game where your character gets shrunk to the size of a bug. Your area is the yard of your house. Now you must build shelter from the leaves and fight the fearsome bugs to survive and return to your original size.

You can play the game alone or with up to four friends. Like many other survival games, Grounded is best when played with friends. In addition, the game supports cross-play, and if you are playing in a group, anyone in that group can host the same world without its original hoster. These features make the game more accessible to play in a group.

Grounded has a few enemy types, mostly on land. But in the August game update, they added a new creature, the crow, to the game. The crow usually files around the map. Here is everything you need to know about the crow.

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Can You Kill the Crow in Grounded?

In Grounded, you mainly fight different bugs, spiders being the biggest ones. Compared to that, a bird, like Crow, is massive. So you cannot fight or kill the bird. The Crow doesn’t serve any purpose other than giving you materials.

You can track down the crow to follow where he files and pick up the feathers left by it. Then these feathers can be used to make some strong equipment. But as of now, you cannot fight or kill the Crow.

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