Grandpa Earl Location: Spider-Man 2

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Here is all you need to know when finding Grandpa Earl in Spider-Man 2.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is Insomniac’s latest addition to the massively popular Spider-Man franchise. As always, you put on the mask to venture into the city of New York to fight off every notorious foe who is trying to wreak havoc on the city. The specialty of this game is the feature that allows you to play as not just one but two Spider-men!

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Alongside the main missions, you will encounter several side quests from your FNSM request tab. And be warned that many of the side quests can have a lot of depth to them. Anyhow, in one of them, you will be tasked with locating a missing grandpa named Earl. So, if you’re having a hard time finding him, then don’t worry; we got your back.

Finding Grandpa Earl in Spider-Man 2

To find Grandpa Earl, you need to follow several steps and find the clues lying around in different locations that all help you to find the missing man. So, let’s go over each of the steps.

Spiderman 2 Finding Grandpa Earl

Head To The Nearby Animal Exhibit

Once you initiate the mission after talking to Tasha, Earl’s granddaughter, she will give you a picture that will serve as your first clue.

Spiderman 2 Finding Grandpa Earl

The picture is an old photograph of a nearby exhibit. Examining the picture will mark the exact location on your map. However, you don’t actually find the old man there; you just find a letter that is addressed to him.

Do keep in mind that you have to use your powers to track it down. You can do so by holding the L2 button on your Dual Sense controller.

Read the letter to mark the second location on your map.

Head To The Botanical Gardens

Your next waypoint should be the botanical gardens marked on your map after you scanned the letter. In the same way, as you did before, scan the area once you reach it, and you’ll find an inhaler belonging to the missing man himself.

Spiderman 2 Finding Grandpa Earl

At this point, you have to analyze the inhaler by solving a puzzle that requires you to destroy the corrupted atoms without destroying the essential ones. Figuring out how the puzzle works can take a bit of time, but you’ll get the hang of it after a couple of trials and errors.

Basically, you have to click on the yellow and red atoms that are not connected to the essential atoms, which are the green ones. Since clicking on an atom destroys it and neighboring atoms.

Successfully analyzing the inhaler will give you a direct trail to Grandpa Earl.

Follow The Trail To Scenic Lake in Downtown Brooklyn

Spiderman 2 Finding Grandpa Earl

The last step just involves following the trail you picked up from analyzing the inhaler. It does take a good couple of minutes, though, but it leads straight to Grandpa Earl. You’ll find him sitting on a bench and reminiscing about how he proposed to his wife all those years ago.

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