God of War Ragnarok: Chaos Flame Locations

In God of War Ragnarok, you will need Chaos Flame to upgrade the Blade of Chaos. Here are all the flame locations and how to get get them.

God of War Ragnarok significantly improves the graphics and gameplay side of things. Almost all of the skills from the previous game carry over in this one too. On top of that, you will build a whole new skill tree for all your weapons.

You start the game using the axe. But after the intro fight with thor, you also get the Blade of Chaos before you set out on the adventure. Thus, you will get both of the weapons from the start. These weapons also require different materials to upgrade.

The Blade of Chaos needs Chaos Flames to upgrade it. Since the max level of gears is level 9, you will need to find eight chaos flames to thoroughly upgrade the blade. So here are all eight chaos flame locations you can find in God of War Ragnarok.

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Chaos Flame Locations in God of War Ragnarok

Many of the Chaos Flames are gained from the main quest bosses. But not all of them are from the main quest. You will also have to do a few side quests to complete your blade upgrade using all the chaos flames. Here are all the Chaos Flame locations and how to get them:

Chaos Flame Location 1: The Quest for Tyr

The first chaos flame is obtained by following the main quest – The Quest for Tyr. During this quest, you will explore Svartalfheim and fight a boss called Dreki. Killing this boss will grant you a chaos flame that can be used to upgrade the blades.

dreki boss fight in god of war ragnarok

Chaos Flame Location 2: The Reckoning

For the second chaos flame, you will need to progress the story to Chapter 6: The Reckoning. Here, you will travel to Vanaheim to free Freya from Odin’s curse. During the quest, you will have to fight an Ancient Forest boss. This boss, upon defeat will drop the chaos flame you need.

forest ancient boss fight in god of war ragnarok

Chaos Flame Location 3: The Word of Fate

You will have to start the main quest called The Word of Fate for this chaos flame. During the pursuit, you will go to Midgard and follow the smell of Norns to reach them. During the mission, you will encounter a Frost Phantom boss. Defeating this boss gives you a chaos flame for your blade.

frost phantom boss fight in god of war ragnarok

Chaos Flame Location 4: Creature of Prophecy

The fourth chaos flame can be obtained during the main quest, Creatures of Prophecy. You will return to Vanaheim during the quest and get to fight another two Drekis across the river bank. Defeat the Dress and get a chaos flame from it.

Dreki double boss fight in god of war ragnarok

Chaos Flame Location 5: The Summoning

The summoning is another main quest where you can get another chaos flame. Here you have to track down Sutr, and once you reach him, a fight will start. Here you have to fight two soul eaters. One of them will drop a chaos flame to upgrade the blade.

soul eater boss fight in God of War Ragnarok

Chaos Flame Location 6: The Crucible

For this chaos flame, you have to complete the favor called The Crucible. This is the Muspelheim trail of this game. Complete six paths to unlock a Nornir chest. And inside the chest, you will have your chaos flame waiting to be grabbed.

Musplheim nornir chest in God of War Ragnarok

Chaos Flame Location 7: Crater Berserker Gravestone

In Vanaheim, after completing the quest Scent of Survival, you will gain access to The Crater region of the realm. Here you will find a Berserker Gravestone at the location marked on the map. Go to that gravestone and defeat the berserker to get a chaos flame drop from him.

Crater berserker gravestone in God of War Ragnarok

Chaos Flame Location 8: Draugr Holes

During your playthrough, you will find different Lava types holes across the realms. They all have a boss in their location. Defeating these Hateful-type Boss will give you a chaos spark. You need to defeat all six Hateful and collect all six sparks. Collecting all six sparks will make your last choice flame for maxing out the Blade of Chaos.

Draugr Holes sample in God of War Ragnarok

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