God of War: How To Get The Secret Ending

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Here is how you can get the Secret Ending to God of War.

Every story-based single-player game always has unique items, easter eggs, and an ending everyone wants to get. You can get a Secret ending to the brilliant storyline in God of War. In fact, this secret ending gives the Franchise and you an indication of what will come from the games ahead. Moreover, we have made a complete guide below to get the secret ending.

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How to Get the secret ending in God of War

Furthermore, the first step to getting the secret ending is finishing the main storyline and scattering Artrues’s mother’s ashes. The final subtitles will play along with a few cut scenes just as you finish scattering the ashes. After getting back to Tyr’s Temple, you notice that the world has changed. It would show the Prophesies of the world ending during a Mighty Winter is coming close.

Head over to Wildwoods and enter your hut, and you will get to see the option of resting there. Press the button to go to bed and sleep inside the hut. Minutes after this, a big storm will awaken Kratos and his son, and you will see a mysterious figure waiting for them outside their house. The figure is potentially Thor, who wants revenge for the death of his sons.

The short cutscene gives us a small teaser of the upcoming God of War game. After the cutscene ends, you can move freely in the world and complete all the activities you couldn’t during your journey to the mountain.

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