How to Find and Tame a Giganotosaurus in Ark: Survival Ascended

Abu Taher Tamim
By Abu Taher Tamim
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Do you want to get a Giganotosaurus in Ark: Survival Ascended? You’re in luck, as I’ll tell you how to find one and tame that beautiful beast.

At last, Ark: Survival Ascended is Live on Steam!! In Ark: Survival Ascended, you can play with dinos of different sizes. There are almost 480 dinosaurs in the game. If you haven’t heard of Giganotosaurus, you should know that it is one of the largest and most dangerous dinosaurs you can encounter in the game. But can you tame Giganotosaurus? Yes, you can tame Giganotosaurus.

What is Giganotosaurus

But taming one will push you to your limits. If you are fully prepared to take on this epic challenge, then your reward will be a walking tank. Follow this guide, and your taming skills will increase significantly.

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Where to Find Giganotosaurus in Ark Survival Ascended

Where to Find Giganotosaurus in Ark: Survival Ascended

Scouring the Volcano

You should search along the slopes and rim of the Island’s massive volcano. This treacherous terrain is a prime stomping ground for the Giganotosaurus. You need to watch your step, traversing the jagged rocks while keeping an eye out for any sign of the beast.

Other Prime Locations

If the volcano comes up empty, there are other high probability areas you can explore:

  • The frozen summits of the snow-capped mountains
  • The expansive jungles southwest of the volcano
  • Along the footing of the frozen fang peak

Identifying Traits

Spotting a Giganotosaurus from a distance can be tricky. You should look for these distinguishing features to pick it out from the terrain:

  • Enormous size, over 50 feet (ca. 15 meters) long
  • Thick reddish hide with black spinal plates
  • Heavy muscular build and large hind legs
  • Massive head with gaping jaws

Tracking Strategies

Following dino carcasses and bloody trails through the brush may lead you right to a Giganotosaurus. Listening for its earthshaking roars will also help pinpoint where it’s roaming. Any fleeing herds of wild creatures likely indicate one is nearby.

Early mornings when the Giganotosaurus is out hunting provide your best chance to spot one. You should avoid nighttime excursions when you won’t be able to see any signs or traces.

How to Tame Giganotosaurus in Ark Survival Ascended

How to Tame Giganotosaurus in Ark: Survival Ascended

Critical Preparations

Before you decide to tame the mighty Giganotosaurus, you need to ensure you have all the vital equipment and resources required for this dangerous endeavor.

You need to craft a sturdy trap using Metal Dinosaur Gateways, as well as stockpile Exceptional Kibble or Prime Meat for taming.

A Longneck Rifle and Shocking Tranq Darts are ideal for knocking it out quickly and safely.

You must be decked out in high quality SCUBA gear to withstand attacks when luring it into the trap.

Securing an Ideal Taming Spot

You should scout for an open area clear of obstacles where you can build your gateway trap. This needs to be a location you can defend easily when the Giga is down.

Having your aquatic tames nearby is also wise, so you can make an aquatic escape if needed. You should do a perimeter check for dangerous creatures and eliminate any nearby threats.

Executing the Trap Strategy

Once you’ve constructed your trap, you must irritate the Giga from a safe distance using your Longneck Rifle. When it starts charging at you, you should turn and sprint toward the trap, taking care to avoid its devastating bite.

Just before the gateway, you have to dive into the water, so it follows you into the trap. As soon as it’s inside, you must seal the gate and get to higher ground where you can safely start tranquilizing it.

Taming Process

After it’s down, you need to immediately start force-feeding it Exceptional Kibble or Prime Meat. You must also keep its torpor topped off with narcotics to prevent it from waking up prematurely. This will likely take hours, so you need to stay focused. You should have tribemates guard the area too in case of attack. Once tamed, you have this ferocious beast on your side!

Solo Taming Alternatives

If you’re working solo, you could tame it safely from a Quetzal’s platform saddle instead. Or you could use a Grappling Hook strategy while another survivor distracts it. You need to get creative if tackling this alone!

While extremely dangerous, the sheer strength and ferocity of a tamed Giganotosaurus are big advantages. If you take the proper precautions, you can secure this beast as a valuable ally.

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