Ghostwire Tokyo: How to Increase Synergy Level Fast

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Leveling up Fast can be very helpful when playing an Action and Adventure game.

The brand new RPG from Tango Gameworks offers players a whole city to explore and admire. In this RPG game, weapons and abilities are not the only things you will need to defeat bosses. Players will also have to be at a certain amount of Synergy level. So below, we have made a complete guide on how to increase your Synergy Level in Ghostwire Tokyo quickly.

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How to increase the Synergy Level fast

There are three ways to increase your Synergy Level in the game. Like all other games here, leveling up during the first part of the game is easy, but it gets more challenging as you progress through the story. Since it gets more complex, defeating enemies will be more difficult if you are not above the recommended level, so leveling up fast is a good option in the game. Furthermore, you can check out all the three ways you can level up fast in Ghostwire Tokyo:

Main and Side Quests

The most basic way of leveling up in the game is finishing the Main storyline. Finishing missions gives a good amount of XP in a small amount of time, and it also helps you complete the side missions, which will allow you to get tools and XP.

Credit-Tango Gameworks

Rescue Souls

Using something called the Spectral Vission, you will be able to see Spirits inside the game, which you can save. You use the Katashiro you have in your hand to absorb and then rescue these Spirits using the Transmission devices you will find inside the Payphone Booths. It is one of the most effective leveling up since you can get a huge amount of XP from a full Katashiro filled with 50 souls.

Cleansing Torii Gates

Last but least is, you can clean Torii gates to get a good amount of XP every time you cleanse one. You can find them throughout the world of Ghostwire Tokyo, so make sure to keep a lookout.

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