Genshin Impact v2.6: All Achievements Guide

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Here is a list of achievements added in the Genshin Impact version 2.6 update and how to complete them.

Genshin Impact’s latest version, 2.6, has been released for a while now. With the release of the new area, The Chasm, and many events and quests, the version 2.6 update is one of the major updates in Genshin Impact in a while. In this update, the highly anticipated characters Kamisato Ayato got introduced, and Venti and Kamisato Ayaka with their reruns.

One of the best things about the updates in Genshin Impact is the achievements. With the new area and added features comes every players’ favorite pass time, new achievements! There are now two new sets of achievements for the player to complete in this new area.

Here is the complete list of new Genshin Impact version 2.6 achievements and details on how to complete them.

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Genshin Impact Version 2.6 Achievements

The first achievement set is the Challenger: Series V set of achievements that involve defeating specific enemies throughout the map.

The second is the Chasmlighter set pertaining to the newly added Chasm area, both upper and lower levels. There are some achievements hidden in Wonders of the World which require you to explore and obtain. Below are the achievements and how you can complete them.

Challenger: Series V

Challenger: Series V achievements. Credit: HoYoverse
Challenger: Series V achievements. Credit: HoYoverse

Salt for My Enemy and Water for Me

  • Get three healing balls fired from water glass when fighting the Hydro Hypostasis boss on Watatsumi Island.
  • Grab these 3 orbs that come from the lighter water slime.

Terrible Returns

  • When the Hydro Hypostasis is at low HP, it will summon three water slimes to revive itself. Use knockback attacks like Jean’s charged attacks or structures like Geo Traveler’s skills to block the slimes.
  • You need to block the slimes one by one. Once the Hydro Hypostesis revives without consuming any of the slimes, you will get the achievement.

The Moment of Destruction

  • In the Domain of Defeat, defeat the icy phase of weekly boss La Signora.
  • To gain achievements, players can use pyro to melt the Ice Shield instead of using fire moths.

Electric Run

  • In the battle against the Thunder Manifestation boss on Lemongrass Island, players must finish the fight without getting hit by Homing Lightning Cage.
  • Homing’s Cage is a Purple Circle that chases you on the battlefield.

Silence Radio

  • Locked in by the Thunder Manifestation boss before you can attack him.
  • At the start of the battle, stand on the spikes right after the Thunder Manifestation appears.
  • Let the attacks hit you and get the achievement.

No Swimming

  • Defeat Bathysmal Vishaps without letting them dive into the water.
  • To complete this achievement, the player only needs to eliminate both Vishap bosses in Enkanomiya almost simultaneously.

Can’t Die

  • Dodge one whole batch of Annoying Vajra attacks.
  • Baleful Vajra is a move where Raiden Shogun summons 3 pillars.
  • Each pillar sends out waves twice before one, where all three send out waves at once.
  • You can dodge attacks using Geo Construction or glide with Kazuha or Venti.


  • While gathering energy, destroy Flowing concrete to knock out the Ruin Serpent, the newest boss in the lower levels of the Chasm.
  • Using Lumensar Adjuvant breaks the yellow crystals dropped by the Ruin Serpent during the energy gathering phase.

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Chasmlighter Achievements. Credit: HoYoverse
Chasmlighter Achievements. Credit: HoYoverse

Chasm Conqueror: Light up the Surface of the Chasm’s Map. This requires that you unlock the Statue of the Seven found in the Chasm.

Perilous Plunge: Light up the Chasms Underground Mines Map. 

Into the Depths: Unlock all the teleport waypoints in both the Chasm and Underground Mines. 

Gorge Guide: This achievement will be unlocked thrice; you can unlock all three by following 6, 12, and 24 Seelie in The Chasm to their Seelie Courts.

Chasm Treasure Hunter: Another three-tier achievement unlocked by opening 50, 100, and 200 chests in The Chasm. 

Chasm Adventurer: A two-tier achievement. Unlock both by completing 6 and 12 Open World mechanism-activated Time Trial Challenges in The Chasm.

Arch-Illuminator: Unlocked by enhancing the Lumestone Adjuvant to the highest level possible. 

“When the Seal Is Broken…”: Destroy all the bedrock keys when completing the Surreptitious Seven-Star Seal Sundering quest to access the Underground Mines. 

Exploration Underway: Complete the exploration and commission from the Ministry of Civil affairs. 

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These are all the achievements for the Genshin Impact version 2.6 update. Stay tuned with GameRiv for more Genshin Impact content and guides.

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