Genshin Impact v2.5 “Of Drink A-Dreaming” Event: Event Duration, Eligibility, Details, Free Rewards, and More

Nawshad Noor
By Nawshad Noor
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Genshin Impact recently revealed info about the upcoming “Of Drink A-Dreaming” Event.

During the Genshin Impact v2.5 Livestream, we first learned about an event where players supposedly have to mix drinks and serve. Thanks to Genshin Impact data miners, we already know about the event’s name, and it’s “Of Drink A-Dreaming”.

But recently, Mihoyo revealed some details about the Genshin Impact drink mixing event. Travelers have to work as a bartender after being recruited by Luka. Participants in this event have to unlock all drink recipes, thus gaining some free rewards. Sadly this event cannot be completed in co-op.

Below you will find all details about the upcoming Gennshin Impact “Of Drink A-Dreaming” Event, including its duration, eligibility, details, and more.

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“Of Drink A-Dreaming” Event Details:

Event Duration:

Genshin Impact players can play the event from 10th March 2022 at 10:00(server time) until 21st March 2022 at 03:59(server reset time).

There are also some aftermath quests, and their duration is from 21st March 2022 04:00(server time) until 24th March 2022 03:59 (server reset).


Genshin players who are Adventure Rank 28 or above can participate in this event. There are also some quest prerequisites for this event, and they are below-

  • Complete the Archon Quest Interlude Chapter: Act I – “The Crane Returns on the Wind”
  • Complete Eula’s Story Quest “Aphros Delos Chapter: Act I – The Spindrift Shall Never Return to the Sea”

Eula’s story quest’s AR requirement will be lowered during this event and will not require any story keys to unlock.

“During the event, the Adventure Rank required to unlock “Aphros Delos Chapter: Act I – The Spindrift Shall Never Return to the Sea” will be adjusted to 28, and the Story Quest will not require a Story Key to unlock.”

Event Details:

During the event, Travelers need to talk to Luka to enter the Angel’s Share tavern and participate in the event.

● Each of the first 3 days of the event will feature familiar faces visiting the Angel’s Share tavern to order their favored drinks. Mix them the corresponding drink to obtain rewards.

● On the fourth day of the event, if the Traveler has completed all the “Tavern Tales,” the “Bartender Challenge” and new mix recipes will unlock.

● Reach the corresponding score requirements in the “Bartender Challenge” to obtain corresponding rewards. There are no restrictions when trying to make a new mix, and Travelers can freely prepare drinks to unlock drink recipes.

● After the event gameplay is over, Travelers who already completed all “Tavern Tales” can go to Luka to accept the “Of Drink A-Dreaming: Afterword” quest. Complete the quest to obtain corresponding rewards.


Players can get the following rewards after completing the event-

  • Primogems
  • Mystic Enhancement Ore
  • Mora
  • Telent Level Up materials
  • Weapon Ascension Materials Character Exp Materials
  • Event Namecard.

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