Genshin Impact V2.0 Update Download Size Revealed

Nawshad Noor
By Nawshad Noor
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Credit: Mihoyo

The update sizes for Genshin Impact V2.0 have been revealed for PC and Mobile.

Genshin Impact V2.0 is scheduled to release on July 21st, 2021. The update will introduce the new Inazuma region along with new character banners, enemies, Artifact Domains, Story Quests, and more. It will also introduce new areas for players to explore filled with chests to open, puzzles to complete, and resources to collect.

Recently the official Genshin Impact Twitter account announced the official release date for the V2.0 update. Along with the Twitter post, there was a blog post detailing the things that are coming with Genshin Impact with the release of V2.0.

Soon after making the Twitter post, Mihoyo performed update maintenance and enabled the Preinstallation Feature for V2.0. This preinstallation feature gives us a rough update size of Genshin Impact V2.0.

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Genshin Impact V2.0 Update Sizes:

The Preinstallation size for Genshin Impact PC is around 7.83 GB. This size might be larger or smaller based on the number of voice-over languages players have installed.

Genshin Impact V2.0 Download Size PC
Genshin Impact V2.0 Download Size PC Credit: Mihoyo/Gameriv

The Preinstallation feature for Genshin Impact Mobile Versions has also begun and the download size is around 3.42 GB. Some users also reported having download sizes up to 3.92 GB for mobile.

Genshin Impact V2.0 Download Size Mobile
Genshin Impact V2.0 Download Size Mobile Credit: Mihoyo/Gameriv

Hopefully, this information helps players plan properly when to begin their update. PC players won’t have any problems as they can still play Genshin Impact when the files are downloading. But Mobile players don’t have this feature and they will have to let the download finish before they can play the game again.

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Nawshad Noor is a former Editor at GameRiv.