Genshin Impact to Introduce Alternate Outfits for Jean, Rosaria, Amber, and Mona in v2.5

Nawshad Noor
By Nawshad Noor
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Credit: Mihoyo

Genshin Impact will soon introduce new alternate outfits for Jean, Amber, Rosaria, and Mona.

Mihoyo, the developers of Genshin Impact recently announced the coming of alternate outfits for some Mondstradt characters. These characters include Jean, Mona, Barbara, and Amber. The official Genshin Impact Twitter account announced this change and also added a blog post article about this topic.

These alternate outfits will be forcibly changed for Chinese Genshin Impact players. But global players will be able to choose either the original or the alternate version from the skin selection screen.

Here is a comparison image showing what the alternate outfits might look like besides the originals.

Original and Alternate outfits of jean, Amber, Rosaria and Mona side by side
Credit: u/tognime

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The Chinese announcement goes in-depth about this sudden decision in a detailed blog post. Below, you will find an explanation of this topic.

These changes are probably being done due to the recent Chinese law regarding censorship rules. The Chinese announcement goes over that some characters will receive adjustments due to the recent audits.

“Dear Travelers.

We are very sorry, but in response to the relevant audit requirements, we will adjust some characters and performance in the game in the 2.4 update on January 5, and the subsequent 2.5 update. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this hasty adjustment.”

Mihoyo already made some changes to the aforementioned characters regarding their looks and their views in flight.

The following adjustments were made in version 2.4

  1. Adjust the appearance of the characters “Dandelion Knight – Jean (Wind)”, “Flight Champion – Amber (Fire)”, “Crown of Thorns – Rosaria (Ice)” and “Starry Sky Water Mirror – Mona (Water)”.
  2. Adjusted the performance of specific viewpoints of characters in flight.”

According to a Reddit post made by u/Moodycat12, the viewing angle of characters have already been censored in the Genshin Impact China servers. This censorship activates when viewing certain characters from below while gliding.

r/Genshin_Impact - The first wave of censorship in 2.4 from a friend in CN
Credit: u/Moodycat12

There will also be some changes made in the upcoming Genshin Impact v2.5 patch and they are-

Adjustments to version 2.5

  1. Based on the changes in version 2.4, the appearance of the characters “Dandelion Knight – Jean (wind)”, “Crown of Thorns – Rosaria (ice)” and “Starry Sky Mirror – Mona (water)” has been adjusted.
  2. Based on the changes in version 2.4, we will adjust the performance of the characters “Dandelion Knight – Jean (Wind)”, “Crown of Thorns – Rosaria (Ice)” and “Starry Sky Water Mirror – Mona (Water)” in the transitional animation.”

And at the very end, the post talks about this sudden change and acknowledges some players might be dissatisfied with these changes.

“We know how much you travelers love and care about your characters, and we understand your dissatisfaction with this hasty adjustment.”

Primogems Compensation:

There will also be 1200 Primogems compensation for Genshin Impact Chinese server players. Travelers who have reached Adventure Rank 5 or above by 6:00 on 5th January 2022 will be eligible for this compensation.

These Primogem compensations should already be delivered to the appropriate player’s accounts at the time of writing this.

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