Genshin Impact: Jean Summer Skin Price in USD, Acquisition Method, In-game Preview Revealed

Nawshad Noor
By Nawshad Noor
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Credit: Mihoyo

Genshin Impact Japan Twitter recently revealed details related to the Jean summer skin.

Currently, there are no character skins in Genshin Impact. But a few weeks ago skins for Barbara and Jean were leaked. And during the recent Genshin Impact 1.6 Livestream, we got a look at the Barbara and Jean summer skins.

Players all over the world are hyped about the addition of skins in Genshin Impact. These will be the first character skins ever in Genshin Impact so the hype is justified. Recently some details about Jean’s skin were revealed.

YouTube video

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In-Game Preview:

The in-game preview of the Jean Skin was recently revealed thanks to dimbreath on Twitter.

Jean Skin Details:

Genshin Impact Japan Twitter account recently revealed the price of the Jean “Sea Breeze” skin. In a Tweet after the 1.6 Livestream, they revealed the price of the Jean skin as well as other details about it.

The translation of the Tweet reads,

“Character costumes are implemented for the first time in Ver.1.6!
Jean costume “A dream of a sea breeze”
“A dream of a sea breeze” can be purchased at the shop.”

Attached to the Tweet was the price of the Jean Skin.

The google translation is given below

“After updating Ver.1.6, Jin’s costume “A dream of a sea breeze” will be on sale at the in-game shop indefinitely. The price during the limited-time sale will be 1350 pieces of Sosei Crystal, and after the limited-time sale, the selling price will return to 1680 pieces of Sosei Crystal.”

The Jean skin will be added to the in-game item shop after the v1.6 and will stay there forever. There will be a limited-time sale on the Jean skin. During the limited-time sale, the jean Skin can be bought for 1350 Genesis Crystals. Which is roughly equal to $16.

Genesys Crystal Price
Genesys Crystal Price

After the limited-time sale, the skin will be sold for its original price of 1680 Genesis Crystals. The price of the skin without a discount will be $25. So to buy the Jean Skin players will have to either buy the $30 bundle or get the ($14 bundle + $5*2). Which makes the skin fairly expensive.

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