Genshin Impact Glittering Elixirs Web Event: Duration, Eligibility, Primogem Rewards, and More

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HoYoverse announced the start of the newest Genshin Impact Web Event called Glittering Elixirs.

Genshin Impact web events are short events that HoYoverse releases to give us minigames to play. These web events are short and usually take a few minutes to complete, but they offer some Primogems as rewards.

The newest one that was released is called Glittering Elixirs. In this web event, players have to be some potions similar to Baizhu’s Web Event a few days back. But the potion-making procedure is slightly different. In this event, the Traveler and Paimon have to acquire materials before crafting the potions. Completing the web event will reward the players with Primogems and other in-game rewards.

Recently, HoYoverse shared info related to the web event, including the duration, eligibility, gameplay details, rewards and more.

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Genshin Impact Glittering Elixirs Web Event


May 11, 2023 – May 20, 2023 23:59 (UTC+8)
Rewards cannot be claimed after the event ends. Please claim them in time.


Travelers who have reached Adventure Rank 10 or above can participate in this

Event Description

During the event, you can log into Genshin Impact daily, consume Original Resin, and complete other missions to obtain potion crafting materials. After successfully crafting potions, you can earn Primogems and other in-game rewards based on the total number of potions crafted. During the event, Nahida and Cyno will also visit your booth, and gift you special ingredients. Complete the dialogues and obtain all of their ingredients to gain additional Primogems and in-game rewards.

Obtaining Ingredients

Travelers can obtain potion-making ingredients through the following methods:

  1. Complete the following actions within Genshin Impact and the web event, including: Log into Genshin Impact daily, consume 40 Original Resin daily, and complete other missions to obtain the corresponding number of potion ingredients.
  2. Daily missions refresh at 04:00 (Server Time) each day. Unclaimed potion ingredients will be cleared at the same time as the daily reset. Please claim and use the potion ingredients in time. Claimed potion ingredients will not be cleared.
  3. After Nahida and Cyno visit the Traveler and Paimon’s booth, they will deliver special potion crafting materials and normal crafting materials after the special dialogue is clicked on. Nahida and Cyno will each trigger two special dialogues and provide the corresponding potion ingredients respectively.
    *You can only trigger dialogue with either Nahida or Cyno and obtain their potion ingredients once per day.
    *If Travelers try to visit the web event at around 04:00 (Server Time), which is when the daily missions refresh, they may encounter a brief network error. Please refresh the page if you encounter this error.
obtain potion crafting materials by doing tasks
obtain potion crafting materials by doing tasks

Crafting Potions

  1. When crafting potions, Travelers will need to separately place a plant-based potion crafting ingredient, another potion crafting ingredient, and water or oil. After the above ingredients have been added, the mixing process can begin. Travelers need to control the stirring rod to mix the ingredients, and after mixing is complete, they must use the bellows to heat up the mixture to
    complete a potion.
  2. Potion ingredients will not be consumed if the potion-making process fails, and Travelers can try again multiple times.
  3. During the potion-making process, Travelers may click the “Reset” button at any time to start over. Resetting does not consume potion-making ingredients.
  4. After successfully crafting a potion, the associated potion formula will be unlocked. Travelers can enter the potion archive, and click on “Autocraft” below the potion to craft the potion again with a single click.
    *Exiting the potion-making process before it is complete will not consume potion-making ingredients.
    *If Travelers try to craft potions at around 04:00 (Server Time), which is when the daily missions refresh, they may encounter a brief network error. Please refresh the page if you encounter this error.

Event Rewards

Obtain 16 potions in total and all of Nahida’s and Cyno’s special ingredients, as well as unlock the entire potion archive to obtain a total of Primogems ×120, Mystic Enhancement Ore ×4, Hero’s Wit ×8, Mora ×110,000, and Sanctifying Unction ×5.
*The in-game rewards will be distributed via in-game mail. The mail will expire after 30 days, so don’t forget to claim the rewards in time.
*This web event is provided purely for entertainment. It is not indicative of any related gameplay features in Genshin Impact.
*Potions in this web event are purely fictional creations, Travelers should not attempt to create them in real life.

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Nawshad Noor is a former Editor at GameRiv.