An Angry Fan tried to Assassinate Genshin Impact Founders Over the Honkai Impact event in China

Nawshad Noor
By Nawshad Noor
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Credit: Mihoyo tour 2021 Bilibili video

Mihoyo, The founders of Genshin Impact recently faced an assassination attempt over the Honkai Impact 3rd event.

Genshin Impact developers Mihoyo’s previous game Honkai Impact celebrated its 3rd anniversary just a few days ago. As part of the celebration, Mihoyo released a special 15-second video of some popular Honkai Impact characters dancing in bunny girl outfits. Along with the event, a Sakura bunny girl costume was revealed for the  Global server.

But the Chinese fanbase of Honkai Impact 3rd soon started criticizing Mihoyo. They were not happy with the Honkai Impact 3rd anniversary event and the video. Some Chinese players even called out Mihoyo on the bunny girl dancing video because according to them the characters were apparently acting out of character. Reddit user Amped-Up-Archos explained the whole situation in his Reddit post which can be seen below-

Mihoyo soon released an official statement following the controversy and decided to remove the video and also cancel the Honkai Impact 3rd anniversary event from global servers. They also announced 2800 crystals compensation for all Chinese players and 500 Crystals for Global players which made the situation even worse.

Recently, Mihoyo faced an assassination attempt from a unsatisfied player in China.

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Assassination Attempt on Genshin Founders:

Recently an angry fan attempted to assassinate the founders of Genshin Impact and Honkai Impact with a knife. Daniel Ahmed made a report on the incident. In his Tweet he said,

“An individual was arrested on April 24 for attempting to assassinate the founders of MiHoYo (Genshin Impact) with a knife.
The individual was arrested at the MiHoYo HQ in Shanghai.
The motive is believed to be dissatisfaction with a recent game update in Honkai Impact 3rd.”

The cops arrested the person from Mihoto HQ in Shanghai, China. Nobody was hurt during the incident but the motive is believed to be the dissatisfaction with the recent Honkai Impact 3rd incident.

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