Genshin Impact Eula Reveal: Character Teaser, Story, Voice Actors, Hobbies, Favorite Food, and more

Recently Mihoyo released Eula’s Character Teaser video along with some other details about her.

Genshin Impact’s latest character Eula is coming in a few days. Recently Mihoyo released Eula’s character teaser. Along with releasing Eula’s character Teaser Mihoyo also released a detailed blog post letting us know some more details about Eula including her English and Japanese Voice Actors, Hobbies, Favorite Food, and more.

Eula Character Teaser:

Recently Mihoyo released Eula’s character Teaser titled “Eula: Midnight Encounter at the Tavern” on their official YouTube channel. In the video, we got to experience a nice night at the tavern with Eula and learned about her origin and some history of Mondstradt.

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Eula’s History:

Eula is part of the Lawrence clan, one of three prominent families of Mondstradt. In the past, the Lawrence clan was swallowed by greed and tried to take over Mondstradt. But Vanessa the First Grandmaster of Mondstradt stopped the oppression and founded the Knight of Favonious.

Eula despite being a part of the Lawrence clan joined the Knights of Favonious and quickly became an asset to the organization for her consummate skill, courage, and excellent intuition.

Eula history
Eula history

Now she is Captain of the Knights of Favonius Reconnaissance Company, tasked with scouting and hunting down enemies. This task lets her rarely set foot in Mondstradt. Eula is also known as the Spindrift Knight.

But being a part of the despised Lawrence clan has its demerits. Everywhere Eula goes her family lineage is brought up. Almost everyone she talks to fears her because of her last name.

Eula history
Eula history

In Eula’s own words,

“There’s not much to say about the life of someone from Lawrence Clan. Basically, whatever you say or do, people will despise you and treat you like a threat to society. Nowadays is not as bad as it used to be.

Eula’s Voice Actors:

Eula’s English and Japanese voice actors have also been revealed. Her English VA is Suzie Yeung and Japanese VA is Rina Sato. Both of them are excellent voice actors and have worked previously on anime, movies, and games.

Suzie Yeung is famous for voicing Ruka Rengoku in the Demon Slayer the Mugen Train movie that was released in 2021. She also did voice acting for Attack on Titan, Goblin Slayer, Jujutsu Kaisen, and other animes.

Rina Sato has voiced characters in games, movies, and anime alike. Some of her most famous work is in Monster Hunter Rise, Demon Slayer Mugen Train movie, Sailor Moon, Persona 5 Strikers, Pokemon Masters, etc. If I start listing the characters she voiced, the list will be quite long.

Go to the Official Genshin Impact website listen to Eula’s voice in all supported languages.

Eula’s Hobbies:

Seems like Eula has a lot of hobbies including sipping cold drinks, sitting in a canyon feeling the biting wind howling past her face, diving into the frozen lake at the foot of Dragonspine. Well seems like Eula being a Cryo character likes cold.

Favorite Food:

Her food taste also seems to mirror her liking cold things. Eula’s favorite is described as,

“A Chilled Tomato and Aspic Jelly Egg Roll pairs nicely with an ice-cold glass of Berry and Mint Punch”.

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