Genshin Impact “A Parade of Providence” Event: How to Use the Search Compass

Nawshad Noor
By Nawshad Noor
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In this guide, you will learn all about how to use the search compass to complete the “A Parade of Providence” event.

Genshin Impact’s current version is 3.5. In this update, we got a new desert location, a very long world quest, as well as Alhaitham and Nahida’s story quests. But some Genshin Impact fans are already done with all that this update initially had to offer. They have already explored the new area, completed all the quests, opened all the chests, and defeated all the enemies multiple times.

So, to keep those players busy, HoYoverse is releasing new events after every few days. And just recently, a new event called “A Parade of Providence” became available. In this new event, players will have to find replicas hidden in different locations.

To help in the search, travelers can use a new gadget called the Search Compass. But using it is not quite simple, hence this guide will teach you all the basics about the Search Compass.

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Genshin Impact Search Compass Guide

Upon entering the Archaeological Zones, travelers can equip the Search Compasses to find out the locations of the Relic Replicas.

Genshin Impact Search Compass
Genshin Impact Search Compass
  • The Search Compasses will take the closest Relic Replica’s location as its target and use Trail Density to show how far you presently are from that location. The nearer you are to the location, the higher the Trail Density is.
  • By placing Searching Compasses in different locations and comparing their readings of Trail Density, Travelers can close in on the location of the Relic Replicas’ hiding spots. A maximum of three Searching Compasses may be deployed at the same time.
  • After the Trail Density reaches 90%, you can immediately detect the Relic Replica.
Search Compass Genshin Impact
Search Compass Genshin Impact

Please note that there is elemental interference in the Archaeological Zones. It will affect the functioning of Search Compasses by disrupting their readings.

Comparison of Search Compass Intensity
Comparison of Search Compass Intensity

Travelers can clear the interference to restore the normal function of Search Compasses.

  • Before searching, Travelers can also check the Container Categories to learn about possible interference in corresponding areas.
Container Catagories will notify about possible interference
Container Catagories will notify about possible interference

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