Genshin Impact 1.6 Leak: Skins are Coming, Barbara and Jean Skins are First

Recent leaks have revealed the possibility of skins coming to Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact is an action RPG game created by Mihoyo. Since the game’s release, it has gained massive popularity among gamers of all genres. Genshin Impact is currently available on PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Android, and IOS. The game is mostly free to play with a gacha monetization system where players can spend real money to wish for characters and weapons.

Since the game’s release players have been asking for skins to be added to the game. Currently, there are no cosmetics available for purchase in Genshin Impact but that might change pretty soon.

Recent leaks have suggested that a skin system is in the works and Mihoyo is planning on introducing skins to the game as soon as the 1.6 update.

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Genshin Impact Skin System Leaked:

Genshin Impact data miners have recently found clues to a possible skin system coming soon. New character skins will gradually be released and seems like Barbara and Jean are the first to get skins. The leaker also claimed that Barbara’s skin might be free.

According to the leaker According to a leaker called Seewlie,

“The Skin System is coming soon™ and new character costumes will be gradually released. Recent changes to the Dressing Room already suggested that new elements were going to be added there.
As for today, the only known skins are for Barbara and Jean. Barbara’s one may be free.”

Barbara and Jean Skins Possibly Coming First:

Another leaker who goes by the name Genshin Report on Twitter gave us a little more details about the Barbara and Jean skin. Apparently, Barbara’s skins will be called ‘Summertime Sparkle’ and Jean’s skin will be called ‘Sea Breeze’. Judging by the names of these skins we can deduce that these skins might be released sometime next summer.

Genshin Report said in the initial Tweet,

“Version 1.6 will introduce the Costume system.
The initial costumes available will be one called ‘Summertime Sparkle’ for Barbara and Jean will get a costume called ‘Sea Breeze'”

Genshin Report also revealed that Klee’s mother, Alice will have voiced dialogues that will introduce us to the skin system.

“According to the files, Klee’s mother, Alice, will have voiced dialogue lines in version 1.6. She’ll be used to introduce the costume system. It’s unknown if she’ll make a physical appearance.”

As of now, we don’t know if the skins will be paid for with real money or Primogems. But the likely possibility is that they will be bought from the shop similar to the battle pass and Welkin Moon. More info on this as soon as it comes to light.

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